Thursday, May 27, 2010


The 19th Maintenance Group measures a lot of data calculating its contribution to the 19th Airlift Wing’s success. The group uses control limits to measure most performance indicators. They are current from May 1 to May 23.
The mission capable rate represents the percentage of all possessed aircraft that are capable of fulfilling at least one of their wartime missions. The MC rates from are:

C-130E: 66.1%

C-130H: 66.2%

C-130J: 83.7%

Deployed aircraft: 82.1%

Control Limits: Upper – 77.6% Lower – 74.6%

The Air Abort rate is the percentage of missions aborted in the air and on the ground. An abort is a sortie that ends prematurely and must be re-accomplished. The abort rates are:

C-130E: 0.5%
n C-130H: 6.4%
n C-130J: 0%
n Control Limits: Upper – 1% Lower – 0.8%

The fix rate is a percentage of aircraft returned to a flyable status in a certain amount of hours. The common, standard interval for this metric is 12-hours. The fix rates are:

C-130E: 85.7%

C-130H: 80%

C-130J: 66.7%

Deployed aircraft: 81%

Control Limits: Upper – 79.3% Lower – 70.5%

The Home Station Departure Reliability rate represents the percentage of departures that did not delay for logistics reasons within the unit’s control. The rate is 96.6 percent. Control Limits: Upper - 95.6 percent, Lower - 93.8 percent.

Maintenance scheduling effectiveness rate measures success in the unit’s ability to plan and complete inspections and periodic maintenance on-time per the maintenance plan. The rate is 95 percent. The AMC standard is 95 percent.

The 19th Maintenance Operations Squadron is the maintenance training focal point for the 19 MXG. The squadron provides upgrade qualification instruction for tasks in six AFSCs through the Maintenance Qualification and Training Program, which provides hands-on certification for all core tasks needed in these. Additionally, the squadron trains key safety concepts to all operational levels through the maintenance resource management course.

MQTP students graduated: 40

MQTP tasks qualified: 516

MRM students graduated: 41

The 19th Equipment Maintenance Squadron performed five isochronal inspections, with four aircraft returned to the flight-line on-schedule, resulting in 80 percent on-time ISO delivery and boosting Team Little Rock’s aircraft availability.

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