Thursday, May 27, 2010

COMMENTARY>>Master Sergeant Promotion List

Sixty-seven Team Little Rock technical sergeants were promoted under the 10E7 Weighted Airmen Promotions System. The Air Force worldwide statistics for cycle 10E7 are: 21,829 eligible and 5,424 selected for an Air Force-wide selection rate of 24.85 percent.

The average score for those selected was 341.18, with an average time in grade and time in service of 4.49 and 15.88 years respectively. The average score was based on the following point averages: 134.27 for enlisted performance reports, 11.40 for decorations, 79.69 for the promotion fitness examination and 63.59 for the specialty knowledge test.

Those selected for master sergeant will be promoted according to their promotion sequence number beginning in August 2010.

As a reminder, selections are tentative until the data verification process is complete, which is no later than 10 days after the promotion release date. Air Force Personnel Center officials will notify Airmen through their military personnel sections if their selection is in question.


Arnold Aschenbeck, 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Michael Barnes 62nd Airlift Squadron

Terry Benson, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Carey Billig, 19th Force Support Squadron

Craig Boyer, 19th Equipment Maintenance Squadron

James Burnett, 19th Operations Group

Nicholas Burnett, 50th Airlift Squadron

Brian Butler, 19th LRS

Maurice Cazabat 314th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Christian Chacon 62nd AS

Christopher Chambers 314th AMXS

George Clemons, 19th LRS

Demond Conners, 41st Airlift Squadron

Daniel Cowart, 19th EMS

Dorothy Cox, 19th FSS

Jason Crumpton, 19th AMXS

Raymond DeGarmo, 19th AMXS

Jeffrey Duncan, 19th AMXS

Duane Farley, 19th Maintenance Group

Donald Foree, 19th Maintenance Operations Squadron

Michael Freeman 314th AMXS

Randall Galloway, 19th LRS

John Gardner, 19th AMXS

Daniel Gillert 373rd Training Squadron

Steven Gilbert, 34th Combat Training Squadron

Donald Gray, 19th Communications Squadron

Dennis Guidice, 19th Airlift Wing

Charles Hardin, 19th AMXS

Matthew Harms, 19th Operations Support Squadron

Jason Hook, 19th Component Maintenance Squadron

Peter Johnson, 19th Aerospace Medicine Squadron

Robert Kennedy, 52nd Airlift Squadron

Benjamin Lewis 48th Airlift Squadron

Raymond Lippard, 19th MOS

Johnny Lockhart 314th AMXS

Peter Long, 19th Airlift Wing

John McAlister 19th EMS

Brian McKinnon, 19th EMS

Robert Miles, 30th Airlift Squadron

Richard Miller 314th AMXS

Ian Morris, 19th EMS

Israel Navarro, 19th CS

Thomas Neville, 19th MXG

Brian O’Donoghue, 19th AW

Curtis Osolin, 19th AMXS

Natasha Pagan, 19th OG

Wesley Powell, 19th AMDS

Michael Rinaldi, 19th MXG

Marlin Roberts, 19th AMXS

Mark Rondez, 61st Airlift Squadron

Paul Rose, 19th AMXS

Diane Rouse, 50th Airlift Squadron

Erik Selisker, 34th CTS

Adam Sinclair, 19th LRS

Timothy Singer, 19th OSS

William Snyder, 34th CTS

John Stanford, 19th Civil Engineer Squadron

Robert Sunde, III, 19th CMS

Thomas Taylor, 19th AMXS

James Tkacik, 19th AMXS

Jason Trezza 314th AMXS

Lary Wade 314th AMXS

Derrick Walker 62nd AS

Terrance Whitehead, 19th LRS

Brian Williams, 30th AS

Derek Williams, 19th LRS

James Wolfingbarger, 19th LRS

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