Thursday, May 20, 2010

COMMENTARY>>Are you a chronic complainer?

by Chief Master Sgt. Anthony Brinkley
19th Airlift Wing command chief

Personally, I witnessed my father go from being vibrant to being physically debilitated; through this period of transition I cannot remember him complaining once. Conversely, on occasion, I’ve found myself complaining about the smallest things in life. I believe the difference between my father and me was that he appreciated what he had in the form of family and friends, while I chose to take those for granted from time to time.

Often times, we focus on things we don’t have while not fully appreciating the gifts around us daily. My question is where is your focus today? Is it on things that drain you or things that can help you move forward?

I’ve found people who constantly complain can suck the energy out of those around them. I also believe if we looked for productive alternatives to the things that frustrate us, we can come out of our situations much more quickly. Worrying and complaining have never solved a problem on their own but they’ve caused many other problems, such as undue stress. Each day we’re challenged regarding whether to gripe about our lives or actively engage in ways to keep positive momentum.

I’m not suggesting the things we face aren’t real or should be ignored. I’m just saying that a positive outlook coupled with positive efforts will render good results. Don’t be that person who people try to avoid because you may be coming off overly negative. Our community is one that embraces each other when assistance is needed, and each of you is important. My hope is that you continue to look for the good in life, versus keeping a running tab on things not going well. At the end of the day your attitude will control your altitude, so dust yourself off and get back in the fight. Combat Airlift!

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