Thursday, August 7, 2014

TOP STORY>>Taking off with Space-A

By Airman 1st Class Mercedes Muro
19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Today’s modern world allows many methods of travel. Some people prefer cars and others prefer planes.

Little Rock Air Force Base has a special program that allows qualified individuals an unconventional way of travel by a program called Space-Available.

Space-Available travel allows authorized passengers to travel by Department of Defense owned and operated aircraft after mission and cargo space have been accommodated.

“It’s a great military benefit,” said Tech Sgt. Matthew Michels, a 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron aircraft services supervisor. “It gives you the opportunity to travel for really cheap.”

People can place a request to the passenger terminal here at Little Rock AFB.

The terminal accepts emails, phone calls, and walk-in requests for flights. The earlier a request is submitted for a flight, the more likely a seat will be available.

“Space-A is first-come, first-serve,” said Michels. “We’re not like a regular airline where you can call, make a reservation, and book a seat.”

Even though Space-A is a military benefit, other individuals with the right qualifications can fly through Space-A.

“Active-duty, Guard, Reservists, and retirees can fly though Space-A,” said Michels. “Duty (DOD) civilians can travel through Space-A with orders.”

Dependents can also fly with their sponsors, if space is available.

“Active-duty and retirees are allowed to bring their dependents on a flight,” said Michels. “However, Guard and Reservists can’t bring their dependents onto a flight.”

Even though there are many rules and regulations for Space-A, it is a cheaper travel alternative for military members to use to their advantage.

“Space-A is a wonderful program for people who can be flexible and patient with their travel plans,” said Michels.

For more information about Space-A and its opportunities, call (501) 987-3342 or visit their websites at or

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