Friday, August 29, 2014

TOP STORY >> Critical Days of Summer wrap-up

By Staff Sgt. Jessica Condit
19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

As the days cool down and summer comes to a close, Team Little Rock Airmen are tying up the loose ends of their summer activities this Labor Day weekend. The holiday weekend also marks the end of the last weekend of the Air Force’s Critical Days of Summer campaign as well. 

While the activity pace is slowing down, it does not come to a complete stop. Using the information taught during the Critical Days of Summer will continue to help Airmen and their families stay aware and alert of potential hazards while enjoying family time even after the summer season ends.

The Critical Days of Summer is an important Air Force initiative encompassing many different aspects of summer activities and focuses on preventative solutions during play. The safety recommendations are descriptive and include objectives that can be applied to nearly all activities. 

While the program is labeled as the Critical Days of Summer, many of these ideas can be used throughout the year in every day scenarios and during many other types of outdoor activities or adventures. The program’s safety practices benefit Airmen and their families year-round during the holidays while traveling, participating in fall or winter sports and many other activities.

“The Critical Days of Summer campaign is extremely effective at intensifying awareness of risks and sharing risk mitigation techniques,” said Lt. Col. Dawson Brumbelow, 19th Airlift Wing chief of safety. “There is a misperception that the end of the summer means the risks are gone; this is not true, the end of the summer simply diminishes the opportunities to engage in risky activities. The risk remains.” 

The safe practices and lessons we learned this summer should always be in the back of our minds and not a fading memory. Remember the Critical Days of Summer, and use the safety tips as often as needed in order to safely enjoy your personal and family time. 

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