Friday, June 10, 2016

TOP STORY >> Little Rock Airman soars above standards

By Airman Kevin E. Sommer Giron
19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Standing at a slender 6 feet tall, U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Vincent Williams, a 48th Airlift Squadron aviation resource manager apprentice, has a dominating presence. However, it is not his stature that makes him a force to be reckoned within his career field.  

Williams has a relentless work ethic and calm demeanor that sets him apart head and shoulders above his peers.  His hard work and dedication to the 314th Airlift Wing’s training mission has earned him a multitude of awards and recognition throughout his career.

Williams was named the 314th Operations Group Mission Support Enlisted Member of the Year for 2015 at Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark.

He led the annual profile review by auditing 64,000 training events which led to a 89 percent mission ready status for the 314th AW and the 189th Airlift Wing. His relentless work ethic allowed for the creation of one thousand flight orders which validated 3,600 events and ensured the training completion of 383 aviators across four Air Force Specialty Codes.  

Before Williams would accomplish these feats, he was a regular high school graduate trying to find his place in the world. 

“I joined the service after I realized I needed to do something meaningful with my life,” Williams, a Dawson, Georgia, native, said. “Before I came in, I spent a lot of time playing video games, but since joining, I haven’t had the time.”

He now devotes all his attention and skills to his career field and bettering himself as an Airman through the mentorship of his supervisors and the training he receives.

“I’m always training,” Williams said. “I’m that Airman that will ask for a task evaluation just so I’m signed off on it, and my leadership and I know that I’m doing my job correctly.”

Training is vital to mission success and it’s what drives Williams. The competitive atmosphere of today’s work force also motivates him to better himself and push his limits.

Anything Williams touches — whether it’s playing sports or testing for staff sergeant — he is trying to thrive in that arena he said. 

“It has been a growing experience for me,” Williams said. “This is my first job, and it’s humbling knowing what I have accomplished now and remembering what I did back then, and I take pride in that.”

Among the accolades previously mentioned, Williams also earned Airman of the Quarter numerous times, Senior Airman Below the Zone, and will receive the Chiefs’ Group Sharp Troop Award June 7, 2016. 

“He’s an outstanding Airman whose work speaks for itself,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Joshua McMahan, 48th AS loadmaster superintendent. “Watching how he works and interacts with everybody, you can tell he really cares about doing a good job. His awards are well deserved.”

Williams was recognized for having an intense mission focus to the 314th AW 99 percent graduation rate. Not to mention, he processed 314 students, verified 2,200 requirements and validated more than 6,100 training items, to name a few.

“I could never take all the credit,” Williams said. “I’m not doing this alone, I have a great support system within my office, as well as within my leadership to make sure we are all doing what we’re supposed to be doing.”

Williams is no doubt a well-rounded Airman who embodies the Air Force Core Values and sets a standard for being a Combat Airlifter anytime, anywhere, McMahan said. 

“I still have a lot more to learn, and a long way to go,” said Williams. “I love what I do on a daily basis, and that is an accomplishment for me.” 

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