Friday, June 3, 2016

TOP STORY >> 47 graduate ALS

Forty-seven students graduated May 26 from Airman Leadership School Class 16-2.

David Fant, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, received the John Levitow Award; Bruce Lance, 61st Airlift Squadron and Distinguished Graduate Award, received the Academic Achievement; Kevin Suarez, 19th AMXS, received the Leadership Award and Distinguished Graduate Award; and Victoria Castaneda, 19th Aerospace Medicine Squadron, and Ian Lynch, 314th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, received the Distinguished Graduate Award.

Eduardo Alcaraz, 19th Security Forces Squadron

Aaron Anderson, 19th Security Forces Squadron

Aisha Bullock, 189th Medical Group 

Nathan Busk, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Jacob Clark, 19th Maintenance Squadron

Justin Delgado, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Robert Denny, 314th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Taylor Domschot, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Andrew Erwin, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Michael Feliz, 61st Airlift Squadron

Joshua Fernandez, 19th Maintenance Squadron

Joseph Gonzalez, 314th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

William Heebsh, 19th Communications Squadron

Terri Hodges, 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron 

Lorenzo Huffman, 19th Communications Squadron

Brent Johnson, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 

Bryan Jones, 19th Maintenance Squadron

Thomas Jones, 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron 

Trey Jones, 154th Training Squadron

Jordan Keller, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Jacob Kost-Collins, 19th Communications Squadron

Brandon Lewis, 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Joshua Maynard, 19th Communications Squadron 

Seth McKinney, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 

Zachary Miller, 189th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 

Jessica Mora, 757th Airlift Squadron 

Michael Palm, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Brenden Palmer, 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Joshua Phillips, 19th Maintenance Squadron

Stevie Rhodes, 19th Civil Engineer Squadron

Johnisha Robinson, 19th Force Support Squadron

Michael Rockford, 188th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Jonathan Rollis, 314th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Evan Smith, 314th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Jason Standridge, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Ryan Verge, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Freddie Waddell, 440th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Robby Weng, 189th Maintenance Squadron

Jordan West, 19th Civil Engineer Squadron

Thomas Whited, 41st Airlift Squadron

Luke Worley, 19th Maintenance Squadron

William Zelaya, 19th Maintenance Squadron

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