Friday, March 6, 2015

TOP STORY >> LRAFB Winter Wingman Day wrap-up

By Senior Airman Cliffton Dolezal
19th Airlifting Wing/Public Affairs

Team Little Rock members took an important break from their daily routines Feb. 27 and turned their focus to the most important resource the Air Force has to offer, its Airmen.

During this year’s Winter Wingman Day, more than 60 classes offered in more than 140 time slots were made available for Airmen, Air Force civilians and full-time staff of the Air National Guard and Reserves. Only one objective was in mind: encourage every Airman to enhance their lives and the lives of those that they surround themselves with. 

“The goal of Winter Wingman Day was to give Airmen the tools they needed to improve in areas where they felt they needed it,” said Stephanie Wynn, the 19th Airlift Wing community support coordinator.

The expectation for everyone is to have the ability to withstand, recover and grow in the face of stress and adversity. But why do some people have the ability to let life’s misfortunes roll off their back, while others get caught up in difficult circumstances and may feel there is no hope at all? Learning to deal with those events is a goal of Winter Wingman Day, said Wynn.

“Everyone is different,” said Wynn. “No two Airmen are the same. The way I handle something isn’t the same way someone else would handle it, and that’s why we do this. It’s important that we accommodate the needs of our Airmen.” 

No matter what, the Airmen to your left and right are your wingman, and these classes can not only help you with issues in any of the Comprehensive Airmen Fitness domain, they can teach you how to help a friend.

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