Friday, March 6, 2015

TOP STORY >> Ideas today improve tomorrow

By 19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

“Airmen Powered by Innovation seeks good and innovative ideas on how we can better leverage the existing dollars we have and ultimately fly, fight and win. The future of the Air Force starts with you and delivering airpower requires all of us working together as an unbeatable team. Every Airman, every day, can make a difference.” – Gen. Larry Spencer, the Air Force vice chief of staff.

Airman Powered by Innovation is the foundation for empowering Airmen to make every dollar count and is intended to be an engine for innovation across the Air Force. API is an airman’s avenue to share breakthrough ideas and submit ideas that affect cost savings, quality, productivity, cycle time, process improvement and morale. 

The success of money and time-saving innovations are critical to the Air Force’s ability to operate in this fiscally constrained environment.

The local program at Little Rock Air Force Base became effective Monday.

“The local API program is a two-fold approach,” said Capt. John Sheridan, a member of the 19th Airlift Wing Commander’s Action Group. “Our first objective is to implement local solution-based ideas rapidly. We plan to accomplish this by presenting the 19th AW commander with proposed new ideas weekly.” 

Additionally, the local Process Improvement Office will work with the Air Force API Idea Cell at the office of the Secretary of the Air Force to submit completed innovation ideas up the chain of command. 

This step will increase the chances of approval and potential monetary awards addressed in Air Force Instruction 38-402. This local expertise and assistance comes free of charge to include any associated local-area recognition!

 “This will provide an individual’s innovation idea with the greatest chance of Air Force level implementation,” said Sheridan.

New methods of tracking will ensure Airmen’s innovative ideas are shared and potentially replicated across the service and measured to confirm the anticipated savings. 

The Air Force level API website is functional and transparent, allowing all Airmen – Active, Guard, Reserve and civilian – to submit their ideas anywhere in the world with common access card-enabled Air Force Portal access. Its simplicity and streamlined process also enables and empowers Airmen at the most junior level to submit their idea(s).

“We want to hear from you, so keep thinking about those good ideas, and look for more information on the API program from our Process Improvement Office,” said Col. Patrick Rhatigan, 19th AW commander, in a recent Herk Call. “The Air Force is changing, and it is our innovative Airmen who will lead the way.”

If you have an innovative idea you are interested in submitting or have any questions about submitting, email or call (501) 987-7145.

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