Friday, October 17, 2014

TOP STORY >> USAF Chaplains: A valuable resource

By Airman 1st Class Harry Brexel
19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs 

When people see the Little Rock Air Force Base chaplains, many notice the big charismatic smiles on their faces. The chaplains can be seen asking Airmen how their day is going or discussing a base event. 

A large number of people associate the chaplain corps with only prayer, counseling and preaching. However, the clergy members offer much more than just that.  

The chaplain corps supports Airmen and families at Little Rock AFB in a multitude of ways.

One of the many events that the chaplains coordinate on base includes the deployed family dinner, which is held at Hangar 1080. The complimentary dinner is a way of uniting family members with others who have deployed spouses. Deployed family dinners are sponsored by restaurants from the local community and allow parents and children with deployed family members to have a night to relax.

Partnering with different squadrons and base agencies, chaplains also offer home-cooked meals every Friday for single Airmen at the Crossroads CafĂ© providing them a safe environment to relax and unwind while enjoying a hearty meal.  

In addition, the chaplains routinely visit the different units on base and speak with Airmen.

Visiting and talking with every Airman on base is no easy task, especially considering that Team Little Rock currently has only two chaplains for more than 50 squadrons. The chaplain team consists of Maj. Randy Sellers, 19th AW head chaplain, Maj. Elbert Fadallan, 19th AW deputy wing chaplain, two chaplain assistants and Capt. Garrell Calton, a 19th AW chaplain, who is currently deployed.

Though there are only two chaplains out of an allotted four authorizations, the team still accomplishes their mission here at The Rock.

“Along with getting face time, conducting religious services, counseling Airmen and holding base events, we advise commanders and first sergeants on troop morale and make religious accommodations for troops,” said Fadallan. 

The mission of the chaplains is centered on Airmen. Chaplains are a valuable resource for Airmen, whether they seek counseling, education, spiritual guidance or just want to attend a Sunday service. 

To learn about volunteer opportunities, events or service times call 501-987-6014. 

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