Friday, May 2, 2014

TOP STORY >> The MPS has moved online

By Staff Sgt. Jessica Condit
19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The 19th Force Support Squadron at Little Rock Air Force Base has made booking appointments with the military personnel system easier than ever with  Appointment-Plus, a new online-booking system designed to work with any internet-enabled device. 

The system, new to the Air Force MPS community, was implemented at Little Rock AFB on April 14. Only two other bases in the Air Force are currently using this system. 

The system which has been used by Air Mobility Command primarily for large events such as Wingman Day until now, minimizes wait times for customers and provides them the opportunity to properly prepare for their appointment well in advance if necessary.

 Helping the customer arrive ready for the appointment with all required documents ensures that a follow-up appointment will not be needed because of missing information. 

 “There are multiple benefits for our MPS personnelists as well as for our customers,” said 2nd Lt. Andrea Collins, flight commander of manpower and personnel. “The appointment system allows our personnelists to control their calendar depending on the manpower available in the office each day, minimizing our wait times for customers and distributing the appointments appropriately.” 

The system also allows MPS personnel to ensure time is being utilized wisely and efficiently by preparing for the appointment ahead of time by setting aside time to gather paperwork or information in regards to the nature of the customer’s appointment.

The Appointment-Plus system is available for use now and provides email or text reminders one hour prior to the scheduled appointment. It also allows 24/7 appointment booking and the ability to make same-day appointments. As a result of the 24/7 access, customers will no longer have to wait until operating hours in order to schedule an appointment. 

“Overall, the system allows the MPS personnelists to plan their day and prepare all information needed for the next customer in advance because we will know what the member is visiting us for,” said Collins. 

To make an appointment using the MPS online service, visit on your phone, tablet, computer or any other type of artificial intelligence supporting internet capabilities. Don’t forget your reminder!

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