Thursday, May 2, 2013

COMMENTARY>>It takes a village

By Lt. Col. Kimberly Tooman
314 Maintenance Group deputy commander

It takes a village…

Have you thanked your caregiver today? This upcoming week, May 6 – 10, is Caregivers’/Teacher Appreciation week. This is the one week out of the year we thank the folks who spends the majority of the day taking care of our children. As a new mom of a 5-month old child who attends the Infant and Toddler Center here on base, I am constantly amazed on a day-to-day basis on the dedication of the providers who take care of my child. Working parents have challenging days, but how many of you could put up with eight or more screaming children while children’s songs repeatedly play in the background without going crazy? The caregivers who take care of my daughter have the patience of Job. I feel extremely blessed that they constantly remain vigilant to document my daughter’s progress each day. They were just as excited as I was the first time she rolled over and even captured the event onvideo for me. I also feel blessed with the qualifications of my daughter’s caregivers…not only does the Child Care Center have to live up to the Air Force Standards but they have many other OSHA, medical, and governmental standards they have to meet. In fact, they just passed their last military accreditation with flying colors!

Way to go!

So, what can you do to acknowledge everything your caregiver has done for your children and you?

First, a simple thank you goes a long way. We all get busy and dropping-off/picking-up our kids can be hectic and harried…but stop in for a few minutes this week and just say “Thank you”!

The phrase really makes the providers’ day. Next, if you so desire, a couple of gifts are nice as well… for example, if your child is old enough, the two of you can make a thank-you card or a gift in the form of a craft to say thanks.

Finally, each provider has had to fill out sheets on things they like for their own in-house Secret Santa… why not get a copy of that from the Center’s director and bring in something that they would really like… maybe a special scented candle or a gift card to their favorite restaurant. It does not have to be anything big, just something to let the providers know that you are grateful for everything they are doing to teach your young adults.

It truly does take a village to raise your child, I am just glad that the village my daughter is a part of is the Infant and Toddler Center at Little Rock Air Force Base.

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Eric Stuch said...

What a sad state of affairs in the USAF that this is your deputy mx group commander.