Thursday, October 6, 2011

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If you haven’t heard, Petra and I recently received orders to Kadena Air Base, Japan. Now, at the dusk of our time here at Little Rock Air Force Base. These orders have given us cause for reflection.

Let me first simply say to the community at large, I can’t thank you enough for everything. This assignment is one that won’t soon be forgotten, by me or Petra. Petra and I have enjoyed the surrounding community and everything it has to offer, but most importantly, we’ve enjoyed the fellowship. It’s the people that made this assignment worthwhile.

As I look over the last 15 months, we’ve spent time on the lake with friends, enjoyed baseball games with our civic partners/leaders, offered our respects to a grateful nation, and honored our fellow service members killed in action, wounded in action or prisoners of war, during ceremonies and national remembrance periods. Additionally, we have taken great care of each other during times of separation, natural disaster and personal crises. We have an extended family here we can all be proud of.

On a personal note, Petra has enjoyed volunteering at the thrift shop, supporting the Airmen Helping Airmen campaign and being involved in activities such as Welcome Home Warriors, Airmen Leadership School graduations and many other events. She leaves with a satisfaction knowing she has grown and helped others along the way.

I too have enjoyed my personal experiences here. This is a community that works hard at quality of life and looking after each other. I have found my professional experience equally rewarding and illuminating. We practiced teamwork across organizational lines, using it as a key variable to many successful inspections and a huge win at the 2011 RODEO. Additionally, it’s been great working with the private organizations, clinics such as mental health, discussing leadership/careers with the ALS, First Term Airman’s Center and our enlisted leaders through professional development seminars and enlisted calls.

To my boss and friend, Col. Mark Czelusta, 314th Airlift Wing commander, I can’t thank you enough for this rewarding opportunity. Together, with our team, we’ve stepped through our wing’s big five, attended seminars and conferences, walked the ground on 167 work center visits and dealt with some of life’s most delicate issues. Together, we have had an impact, one that I’m proud of. I would also offer, your mentorship and insights have made me a better enlisted leader/coach and for that I offer, once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

“Together, we have had an impact, one that I’m proud of. I would also offer,
your mentorship and insights have made me a better enlisted leader/coach...
Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.”

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