Friday, October 7, 2011

COMMENTARY >> Letter from the top

Black Knights...

This Friday, the 19th Airlift Wing’s Operational Readiness Inspection finally starts. It has been an absolute honor to watch you prepare for this critical inspection. I’m so proud to show you off to the Air Mobility Command inspection team. They will soon find out what I already are simply the best.

A few thoughts:

- Black Knights will be on point and working this Columbus Day holiday...Thank You.

- We will dominate our world. We will project Air Power to Support and Defend...Thank You.

- We will Operate, Maintain, Support, and Medically Support with amazing precision...Thank You.

- Your families will once again silently sacrifice while you lay it out for our highest gratitude and respect...Thank You.

Hold your heads high and carry yourselves with quiet confidence. You deliver outstanding results in combat and in garrison daily. I’m proud to fly your wing.

We Are...Black Knights!

Col. Mike Minihan
19th Airlift Wing commander

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