Thursday, September 4, 2008

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Personnel from Little Rock Air Force Base played a key role in the evacuation of Hurricane Gustav victims and ensuring the safety of personnel here at home. We were the main air mobility hub for all Air Force support to civil authorities in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Over the Labor Day weekend we flew nine C-130 missions moving over 170 passengers and hosted six C-17s from bases such as McGuire AFB, N.J. and McChord AFB, Wash.; and housed over 250 additional Airmen from around the country supporting the movement of patients and evacuees.

The base recovery effort began Wednesday as the 314th Civil Engineering Squadron began displacing water from flooded areas around base, and restored electricity to buildings that had lost power.

The 314th CES also began checking heating, venting, and air conditioning systems for functionality around base as well as assessing the damage of fallen trees and removing downed trees around base.

The 314th Security Forces Squadron teamed with the 314th CES to evacuate approximately 15 personnel from the small base lake “Fam Camp.” Due to the uncertainty regarding the lake’s water level, a broken valve in the camp’s water system, and damage to electrical lines in the area, the area was evacuated.

Along with cautioning vehicles, Security Forces also guided traffic in intersections with de-powered traffic lights and monitored the water levels at various locations around base to avoid letting vehicles become trapped in a potentially dangerous situation.

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