Friday, February 22, 2008

TOP STORY >> Top 10 ways to dazzle IG: No. 8 Leadership

By Lt. Col. Nate Allerheiligen
314th Airlift Wing Director of Readiness

"Lead by words and actions, formally and informally by motivating, communicating and setting a positive example!"

– Maj. Gen. Mark Zamzow,
Former Air Mobility Command inspector general,
TIG Brief September to October 2004

Simply said, leadership is the ability to get other people to follow what you do, where you go, or what you wish to achieve. This base is overflowing with leaders. In fact, everyone has the opportunity for leadership.

Enthusiasm is contagious. Excellence and attention to detail can be taught. Concern for others is the fabric that holds units together. All of these are leadership skills that can be used by any Airmen from E-1 to O-7 to get this team toward our goal of three “Outstanding” grades in our coming inspections. It doesn’t matter if you are a supervisor, section chief, or commander, you can still be a leader.

So what are you doing to lead this team? Step out and help cheer your teammates on when the going gets tough. Don’t be a complainer, be a problem-solver. Set an example of superior professionalism through your personal dress and appearance and adherence to customs and courtesies.

We are approaching the “gut check” phase of our preparations for these inspections. We have two more rigorous exercises right around the corner. We’re having extra self-inspections and staff assistance visits to validate our compliance. We’ll have to put in long hours to prepare the base for the inspector general reception. The next air expeditionary force rotation is about to launch. The single common thread of success for all of these challenges is: leadership.

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