Friday, February 22, 2008

TOP STORY >> AADD combats DUIs, gives safe rides

By Staff Sgt. Juan Torres
314th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The Airman Against Drunk Driving Program is a program used at many bases to combat DUIs and give servicemembers a safe ride home when their plans fall through.

Every weekend, Airmen from across the base volunteer their off-duty time to ensure Airmen who have been drinking make it home from bars, restaurants and parties safe.

Since the beginning of the this year alone, the AADD program has been responsible for bringing home more than 60 Airmen safely. 

“The life of the program lies in our volunteers,” said Tech. Sgt. Sheri Masterson, AADD’s president. 

“AADD volunteers will go out and pickup impaired military members, no questions asked,” Sergeant Masterson said.
The program is available to all military members who choose not to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Every weekend, volunteers go on-call to help combat the threat of DUIs.

“As DUIs for this year have increased, it is important for Airman to realize that there are many alternatives to picking up the keys after drinking,” said Sergeant Masterson.

Airmen should have a plan in-place when they go out drinking, when that plan falls through, they should always consider the possible consequences of drinking and driving to the alternative of getting a ride home.

“There is no excuse for drinking and driving when an Airman has the option to call a cab, a wingman, a supervisor or AADD at 987-AADD,” she said. “By far, someone taking the time to give them a ride far outweighs the risk of a getting a DUI, getting into an accident or the risk of hurting themselves or another person on the road.”

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