Friday, October 6, 2017

TOP STORY >> GREEN FLAG Little Rock: Securing joint operational readiness

By Airman 1st Class Rhett Isbell
19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The 34th Combat Training Squadron coordinated the 50th anniversary of Air Mobility Command’s GREEN FLAG exercise.

The two-week exercise, conducted at Fort Polk, La., grow’s the bonds and coordination between Mobility Air Force’s assets and their Army brethren.

“One of the best ways for a loadmaster to learn is to hear how to best tackle a problem from another, more experienced, loadmaster,” said Staff Sgt. Whitny Woolverton, 34th CTS instructor loadmaster. “I have a lot of experience I can share with other loadmasters and I love being able to do that.”

Woolverton participated as an observer, coach and trainer, or OCT, during the exercise. This involved flying with various aircrews and observing or assisting them perform certain tasks encountered during deployments or temporary deployments.

One of these tasks is Combat Offload Method B, a method used when a piece of cargo cannot be offloaded by conventional methods because it’s either too big or the proper equipment needed is unavailable. 

The method consists of hooking chains attached to a forklift to cargo and anchoring it in place while the aircraft slowly moves forward. As the piece of cargo is removed from the aircraft, aircrew place barrels underneath to keep its height consistent and from falling over. Once this process is complete, the aircraft can immediately begin to take off procedures if needed. However, the aircrew may take their time safely moving the piece of equipment. 

“GREEN FLAG is a good, controlled environment to get critical training for deployments,” said Airman Dalton Clark, 40th Airlift Squadron loadmaster. “I’m trying to get as much training as I can before an actual deployment comes up.”

The wealth of information and training gained during this exercise is just one of the many avenues available to ensure service members are prepared to answer their nation’s call.

“I’ve seen plenty of stuff I’ve never encountered before,” Clark said. “It’s good to be able to experience things that are out of your norm and learn how to prepare for that.”

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