Friday, January 13, 2017

TOP STORY >> Right tools keep C-130s soaring

by Senior Airman Stephanie Serrano 
19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Having the right tools for the trade is key to getting the work done. For the 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, their tools keep the C-130 fleet at Little Rock Air Force Base flying and are housed in the Composite Tool Kit shop.

The CTK shop is manned 24 hours a day with personnel who must invest extreme attention to detail in ensuring the tools are in prime condition. Due to the continued mission, tools must be tracked at all times to ensure there are no mishaps.

As maintainers, tools are a priority; luckily offers the tools maintainers need. CTK not only has every tool imaginable, but directly supports the missions of every maintainer on the flight line.

Members of the CTK shop ensure every tool is in pristine condition. If tools get wet from the rain, they are scrubbed clean of rust. If there is too much grease, the tools are wiped down. If they are worn out, the tools are replaced. Each tool, part or piece of equipment located at CTK is kept ready to assist maintainers in executing the mission.

“I used to not care if my tool box got wet when I was doing my job,” said U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Andrew Young, 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief. “I just did my job and turned in my tools. However, being in CTK has changed my outlook on the flight line, I now understand why it’s important to wipe off tools and not let them get ruined. A rusted tools isn’t going to work as well as a non-rusted tool.”

From cleaning tools to fixing them, every tool, bolt and screw must be checked out, inspected and rendered serviceable before it can be released for use. With approximately $4 million worth of tools and equipment to keep track of and inspected, CTK is a vital hub for maintainers.

“I’ve always worked on the line and never knew what goes on back here,” Young said. “I just knew what I needed, and the CTK guys always got it to me. It feels good to work in CTK and learn the other side of the job. It makes me feel great knowing that I’m directly helping them and I have a direct hand in helping the mission get done.

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