Friday, April 15, 2016

TOP STORY >> Excellence achieved in CCRI

By Airman Kevin E. Sommer Giron
19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs 

Team Little Rock earned an excellent rating from the Defense Information Systems Agency’s week-long Command Cyber Readiness Inspection that ended April 8. 

The purpose of the CCRI was to test the base’s network and physical security procedures for security vulnerabilities. 

The inspection consisted of security scans of the nonclassified Internet protocol router network and the secret Internet protocol router network. It also included physical security scans such as the removal of common access cards from computers and traditional building security systems.

“It was really important because this was our first ever CCRI, whereas other bases have already had two or three,” said Master Sgt. Kenneth E. Brown, 19th Communications Squadron CCRI preparations team superintendent. “We worked hard for this and as a team we came together; everybody was doing a part and even people who were not responsible for servers were going out around base and making sure people had their desk set up correctly.”

The communications squadron worked for more than six months prior to the inspection. With help from the information protection office, network operations and security center, and the network control center team working 12-hour shifts making sure everything was configured and patched correctly. 

“We put in a lot of man hours; our technicians worked really hard, day in and day out, with no weekends off until we reached the goal we wanted,” said 2nd Lt. Ryan Nartea, 19th CS CCRI preparations team deputy officer in charge.

Another part of the preparation was an awareness campaign featuring cat memes highlighting components of inspection items. According to the communications team, the support and awareness of every network user was crucial to the inspection’s success. 

 “The cat pictures we put up on login screens helped educate our users and made them more aware of the inspection,” said Nartea.

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