Friday, September 12, 2014

TOP STORY >> The four domains all Airmen should know

By Senior Airman Regina Agoha
19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The Air Force released Air Force Instruction 90-506 in April 2014 in order to enhance the comprehensive development and resilience of all Airmen, whether military, civilian and their families.

This instruction supports the Comprehensive Airman Fitness program. And though it is not a new program, some components have changed. For instance, the mental, social, physical and spiritual aspects of the program that were once called pillars are now domains.

“Comprehensive Airman Fitness focuses on the individual person, whether an Airman or a family member,” said Stephanie Wynn, 19th Airlift Wing community support coordinator. “It encompasses the “whole person” concept with the four domains.  Think about yourself as a link in the chain of either your family or your unit.  The four domains make up the quadrants of that link or circle.  If any quadrant is weak then your link in the chain will be weak.  The goal is to maintain strength in all four domains to insure overall strength in your life.”

At Little Rock Air Force Base maintaining each domain is reinforced and encouraged through numerous forms of training and education as well as a whole day each year dedicated to ensure that Airmen are aware of the resources available to assist them with any or all domains they may need help with. This day is called Wingman Day.

Though there are suggestions throughout the training on how Airmen may partake in sustaining their resilience, the CAF program is only a tool; and Airmen should express their own creativity when doing so. For example, the spiritual domain is not limited to only discussing religion, nor does the physical domain necessitate you must join a gym. 

“The physical domain deals with your physical self,” said Wynn. “It encompasses areas such as your fitness, nutrition, sleep, relaxation, energy/time management, and your physical health.  Many people immediately want to go straight to physical training when discussing this domain; however, this domain covers much more than that.  Sit down and think of how you need to improve your physical health.  When you find your weak or weaker areas, find a resource, i.e. a Leadership Pathways class or visiting with your physician or other provider, to help you improve in that area.”

However the individual sees their spirituality or physical fitness is how they can express it. The main goal is that all Airmen remain healthy in all facets of their life, which will in turn also help ensure mission readiness.

“The CAF domains directly affect mission readiness,” said Master Sgt. Eric Pelican, 19th Comptroller Squadron first sergeant. “Maintaining the domains is a discipline we all must have, and when any one of them is unbalanced, you cannot be accurately productive. If there isn’t some kind of balance with all four domains, in some way, the mission can suffer.”

Pelican said depending on everyone’s own specific life experiences, one domain may hold more significance to a person than others, but in the end they all bleed together to produce a comprehensively healthy and mission-ready Airman.

For this quarter, (July – September), the focused domain is physical. There are many ways Airmen can strengthen this area. Whatever way a person chooses, remember to be safe and remain resilient. For those wanting more information in growing in the physical domain, there are Leadership Pathways classes offered by a variety of agencies such as the Health and Wellness Center, Fitness Center, Mental Health, Outdoor Recreation, Airman & Family Readiness Center and more!

To learn more about Comprehensive Airman Fitness and the resources to help you build resilience, visit You can also register for Leadership Pathways – a program where agencies across the installation offer classes that pertain to the CAF domains and provide tools to enhance your personal and professional development.

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