Thursday, October 18, 2012

COMMENTARY>>What is your mission statement?

By Chief Master Sgt. Charles Fletcher
314th MXG Superintendent

We all know what our Air Force’s, wing’s, and squadron’s mission statements are. But that’s not what I’m talking about here; I’m talking about your personal mission statement. In other words what are your short, medium and long term goals? Do you want to become the best Airman or NCO you can be? Do you want to get promoted? Do you want to be the best parent or spouse you can be? Do you want to get in better physical shape?

Are you someone who lets things happen to them or do you affect your own change. In other words are you proactive in attaining your goals and have you developed your own mission statement? If you haven’t I would suggest that you do. You are responsible for your future. Only by setting goals and measuring our performance against those goals can we become more effective people. Steven Covey the author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” states that “A personal mission statement based on correct principles becomes the same kind of standard for an individual. It becomes a personal constitution, the basis for making major, life directing decisions in the midst of the circumstances and emotions that affect our lives. It empowers individuals with the same timeless strength in the midst of change.”

Where do you see yourself in one, three, five years? What do you want to accomplish? Set your goals and then establish the steps for how you are going to get there. Make small achievable goals initially and then progress to bigger more challenging goals. Before you know it you will have achieved more than you ever thought possible. The ultimate outcome is to become a well rounded person for yourself, your family and your service. By affecting your own future and being proactive you can accomplish your mission. But only by first establishing what your mission statement is can you start to set out on your goals. Good luck.

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