Thursday, July 28, 2011

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By Airman 1st Class Regina Agoha
19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Airmen from the 314th Airlift Wing and the 314th Maintenance Group proved their technical expertise by earning an overall rating of satisfactory during the recently completed Logistics Compliance Assessment Program inspection.

The LCAP is chartered by Air Education and Training Command Headquarters Director of Logistics, Installations and Mission Support to evaluate command units. This program conducts recurring unit evaluations to ensure logistics technician proficiency, equipment condition and other command-developed focus areas comply with Air Force, major command, local policies and directives.

LCAP is typically a two-year cycle, said Maj. Justin Barry, 314th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron commander.

In order to prepare for the LCAP, 314th AMXS Airmen did a great deal of work, making sure every “t” was crossed and every “i” was dotted, said Staff Sgt. Aaron Winans, a 314th AMXS electronic warfare lead technician. They made sure every little thing met the regulation, checklist after checklist, he added.

The LCAP team conducted a total of 607 inspections and evaluations.

The assessment team checked the organizational structure of the squadron. That means, having superintendents of the appropriate Air Force Specialty Code and background in accordance with Air Force instruction 21-101, making sure the squadron’s newest Airmen were oriented with their supervisors within thirty days, and properly documenting updates in their training records, said Barry.

“From checking to see if the wing commander is fulfilling all of his responsibilities, to checking if the technician on the flight line is properly performing the task of pumping gas on our aircraft, these are items the assessment team looks for during the inspection,” said Barry.

In a memorandum to the wing, LCAP inspectors said, “Technical proficiency was admirable, as over-the-shoulder personnel evaluations were rated at 95.58 percent.”

“We strive everyday to do it right. Every day we talk about professional maintenance being performed by maintenance professionals. Instilling that pride comes from doing it right and properly,” said Barry.

“As a wing, we received an overall satisfactory [rating]. The 314th AMXS got a satisfactory as well,” said Barry.

The 314th Maintenance Group received a rating of satisfactory and the 314th Maintenance Operations Flight received a rating of excellent during the LCAP.

Winans, who was identified as one out of the twenty outstanding performers, was inspected seven times and passed each inspection. He credits his accomplishment to going out and finding answers on his own, not waiting for someone to show him. Also, taking his time and not rushing when he’s doing his job, is what he does to perform well at work.

“Rushing will cause one to miss something and fail,” he said.

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