Thursday, June 3, 2010


The 314th Airlift Wing is the nation’s C-130 “Center of Excellence.” The wing is responsible for training
C-130 aircrew members from across the Department of Defense, to include the Coast Guard, and 38 allied nations. Some of ways the 314th AW tracks its successes are through student graduation measured in days ahead or behind, aircraft availability and mission capable rates. Those metrics as of May 30 are:

C-130E: +3

C-130J: -5 C-21: +1

Aircraft Availability

C-130E: (standard 15): 20.4

C-130J: (standard 5.2): 3.8

Mission Capable Rate

C-130E: C-130J:

(standard 75%): 87.1% (standard 80%): 76.8%

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