Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TOP STORY >>CJRs available for all re-enlisting Airmen

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFPN) — Air Force officials announced fiscal 2008 will start without any restrictions on first-term Career Job Reservations for enlisted specialties.

Most years Airmen compete for a limited number of jobs within their Air Force specialty codes, but this year, Air Force officials expect to meet enlisted authorized end strength through normal attrition.

"For the first time in four years, Airmen will not have to compete for the privilege of reenlisting in their specialty code," said Chief Master Sgt. Christine Williams, chief of the Air Force Personnel Center enlisted skills management branch here.

"However, commanders will still enforce quality standards before making Airmen eligible to reenlist."

Effective Oct. 1, all first-term Airmen selected by their commanders as eligible to re-enlist under the Selective Reenlistment Program will receive a CJR once they enter the first month of their reenlistment eligibility window.

Aside from the fact there will be no waiting lists, Airmen will not notice any difference from previous years.

The automated processing will continue to notify Airmen of their career job reservations anytime they become eligible during their reenlistment window, even though there are no restrictions.

Enlistment extensions will have no impact on an Airman's CJR eligibility window.

Eligibility windows are 35-38 months for National Call to Service enlistees, 35-43 months for four-year enlistees and 59-67 months for six-year enlistees.

The CJR program will run unrestricted unless Air Force officials need to make enlisted force adjustments to meet authorized strength levels.

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