Friday, February 29, 2008

EVENTS >>2-22-08

Tuskegee Airmen host lunch at Hangar 1080

The Local Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen invites you to have lunch with several Original Tuskegee Airmen 11:30 a.m. today at Hanger 1080. This will be an open forum to talk and mingle with people who have paved the way for the Air Force we have today.

Retirements slated

A retirement ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. today at the Conference Center for Master Sgt. Ronny Standish, 314th Security Forces Squadron.

The retirement ceremony for Master Sgt. John Golden, 314th Comptroller Squadron, is scheduled for 2 p.m. Feb. 29 at the Little Rock AFB Conference Center. Contact Karen Evans at 987-5868 for more information.

Road closures

Beginning Monday, Thomas Avenue and Third Street are scheduled to close for utilities installation. The Third Street closure will occur after Thomas Avenue utility installation is complete.

The road closures are estimated to end March 14 and are subject to change due to weather or unforeseen site conditions.
USPS Base Post Office reopening Tuesday

Thanks to the combined efforts and fantastic work by 314th Civil Engineer Squadron, 314th Communications Squadron and the United States Postal Service, the Little Rock Air Force Base branch of the USPS is scheduled to re-open for business Tuesday.

New program starting at base chapel

Renew your faith and discover the richness of your religion by being part of "Why Catholic?" Using the faith-sharing booklet "Profession of Faith: What we Believe," we will base our sharing on the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Instead of “giving up” something this Lent, let God give you something. "Why Catholic?" is a 12-week program in small communities. Based on the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the program will reflect on the basic truths of faith. Come by the Chapel to sign up, or call Julia Phipps at 987-6014 for more information.

New Air Force requirement

All active-duty members enrolling in college courses using AF tuition assistance for the first time must schedule for a one-time briefing at the Education Center. Registration for class is currently underway.

To schedule, visit the Education Center or call 987-3417 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Fridays or 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Allowance 474 review begins Monday

The AMC allowance 474 review will begin Monday and last through Feb. 29 here at the Little Rock Conference Center.

Special interest items of discussion will be the C-130J equipment bed down. All organization equipment account custodians that fall under AMC allowance 474 should be present to answer any questions that may arise during this review. During the review the Equipment Liaison Office will be closed. The next Block III Equipment Custodian training class will be March 12.

Class starts at 8 a.m. Call Tech. Sgt. Amos Pittman at 987-6577 or Staff Sgt. Levings 987-6009 prior to attending to reserve a slot.

Weight allowance

Accompanied military members and DoD employees PCSing to Kadena, Yokota, and Misawa AB, Japan, are now authorized the full Joint Federal Travel Allowance weight entitlement, effective March 1.

Keep in mind housing and commercial storage in Japan is limited. Members are advised that they do not have to ship their full weight allowance. For example, if a member ships more than expected, items may not be sent back to CONUS for storage at government expense. Unaccompanied members are authorized either an unaccompanied baggage shipment (air), or 10 percent of the full JFTR weight allowance (surface). Call the Traffic Management Flight for additional questions at 987-3582.

Services openings

Current job openings for Services are: Hangar 1080, club operations assistant, NF-II, flexible hours; Lodging, lodging clerk, NF-I (must be 21 years of age), regular hours; Skills Center, tool and parts attendant, NA-04, flexible hours; Bowling Center, custodial worker, NA-02, flexible hours; laborer, NA-03, flexible hours and IT Section, information technology assistant, NF-III, flexible hours. Services employees are required by Public Law 104-134 to have salary payments made by electronic funds transfer/direct deposit.

For more information, call 987-6440.

Disabled Veterans meeting scheduled

The Disabled American Veterans and Auxiliary Chapter No. 7 meets at noon on the third Friday of each month at Golden Corral, Hwy. 67/167 in North Little Rock.

For more information call Linda at 982-6159 or Felicia at 801-5965. Elections will be held at the March meeting.

Heritage Committee meets Feb. 29

The Little Rock AFB African-American Heritage Committee will host a Black History Month Luncheon at 11:30 a.m., Feb. 29 at Hangar 1080.

The luncheon will feature guest speaker Mark Christ, Community Outreach Director for Arkansas Historic Preservation Program and focus on the contribution of African-American troops in the Civil War.

The lunch will feature a BBQ buffet costing $8.95 for members and $9.95 for non-members. To RSVP or for more information, contact Chief Master Sgt. Bionca Lindsey at 987-7351.

Mentoring group to meet

The Woman's Mentoring Group will meet 11 a.m. Tuesday at Hangar 1080.

The purpose of the Women's Mentoring Group is to examine the challenges that Air Force women face and to focus on women's issues. For more information contact Chief Master Sgt. Bionca Lindsey

TOP STORY >> AFAF campaign kicks off today

By Capt. Robert Damon
Air Force Assistance Fund installation project officer

“Commitment to Caring” is the permanent theme for the Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF) campaign. This year’s campaign begins today and runs through April 4.

The annual AFAF campaign was established to raise money for four charitable organizations benefiting active-duty, Reserve, Guard and retired Air Force personnel and their families, including surviving spouses and their families.

Contributors are able to designate one or more charities to receive their contribution, and 100 percent of their AFAF contribution is passed to their chosen charities.

The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) is the official charity of the Air Force.

It assists active-duty members and their families facing financial emergencies. It also assists Reserve and Guard personnel serving on extended active duty. Air Force retirees and widows are also considered for assistance on a case-by-case basis.

AFAS funds support a variety of assistance programs and community initiatives, including: General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program, Bundles for Babies, Give-Parents-a-Break Programs, Car Care Because We Care, and special phone cards for deployed members. The Family Support Center has more information on these programs. AFAS gave over $333,830 in 2007 to assist Little Rock AFB programs.

The Air Force Enlisted Foundation is dedicated to the care of widows, widowers and dependents of Air Force enlisted personnel. AFEF has almost 400 housing units in Fort Walton Beach and Shalimar, Fla., that provide residents with an affordable place to live.

Eligible for subsidized housing facilities through this program are widows and widowers, 55 and older, whose spouses were retired enlisted persons from the Air Force. No one is refused assistance due to financial status.

The Air Force Village Indigent Widows’ Fund provides total life care for retired officers and their spouses, widows or widowers and family members.

The fund also offers several other services to active duty officers and their families left in need through a variety of uncontrollable circumstances.

The General and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation offers assistance for rent and other financial support to widows and widowers of military personnel, officer and enlisted, who have been left to survive with little or no financial resources.
It allows families to continue living in their own communities without having to struggle to meet the daily needs of food, rent and utilities.

This year’s goal is $80,301 and a 50 percent participation rate. If LRAFB achieves both of these goals, the base will receive up to $2,500, which the installation commander will determine how best these funds can be used to benefit the community.

Last year, Little Rock Air Force Base contributed over $125,654 to the Air Force Assistance Fund.

Project officers in each unit will have detailed campaign information and unit goals.

Every active duty member has the opportunity to contribute to the four AFAF charities by cash or by initiating a payroll deduction plan.

Reserve and Guard personnel, as well as civilians, are welcome to contribute cash to the campaign.

For Little Rock goals and contribution procedures, contact your squadron project officer, Capt. Robert Damon at 987-3719, Master Sgt. John Smith at 987-6447 or 1st Lt. Daniel Birge at 987-1157 for more information.

TOP STORY >> Top 10 ways to dazzle IG: No. 9 Followership

By Lt. Col. Nate Allerheiligen
314th Airlift Wing director of readiness
"Follow taskings and orders quickly and effectively, employ teambuilding skills, and always keep the “objective” in sight!"

– Maj. Gen. Mark Zamzow, TIG Brief Sept.-Oct. 2004

Last weeks’ “Dazzle” was on leadership. Hand in hand with leadership is followership. Followership is when you fully support the objectives, goals and vision of those appointed over you. Not only do you have to do what is directed, you’ve got to embrace the vision with a sense of urgency, personal pride and do everything in your power to make that vision a reality.

Consider the recent Super Bowl champions. Everyone on that team had to exhibit great followership: whether it was the quarterback calling the right plays, the linemen executing the desired blocking scheme or the receivers running the perfect routes. Every member of that team had to work-together to execute the game plan of the head coach.

Don’t look only to your immediate boss, but also try to solve problems for your boss’s boss. Attack every objective with the same drive and urgency as you would apply to your own initiatives. If you don’t like or understand why the organization is heading a particular direction, ask questions. Good followership isn’t blind obedience; rather, you can support the organization better by ensuring that key details have been well thought out and that the leadership’s objectives, goals and vision have been clearly communicated.

Trust your leadership and try to catch their vision. When you do, you’ll enjoy the effort more and we’ll be one step closer to the elusive “Outstanding!”

VIEW FROM THE TOP >> Benefits of our base library

By Chief Master Sgt. Brooke McLean
314th Airlift Wing command chief

The last decade has seen the rapid growth and booming development of the retail book sales industry. Giant book retailers have captured the attention of people of all ages by offering the latest in books, magazines, music, wireless internet, movies, and gourmet coffee in a quiet comfortable setting.

I must confess I have spent hours, wandering the aisles of such stores. The only problem with these stores is they aren’t free.
Yes, you can browse for hours but the reason the store exists is to sell products.

If you want to leave with it, you buy it.

But, I know a place where you get all this for free.

Well, no coffee but that’s a small thing. It’s your base library.

Our base library, which is part of Services, is one of our best resources and a quality of life benefit you earn. It’s a “members-only” club and your family earns the privilege because of your service to our nation.

In addition to the items offered by big name retail stores, our library offers computers, specialized professional material like the CSAF Reading List collection, group study areas, and material to prepare for college testing.

All this is at no charge to you, but don’t take it for granted. As our budget decreases and the military spending contracts, some would target this benefit as something we can cut.

One way to help prevent this is to maximize the use of your library.

We happen to have one of the best in the entire Air Force, and it’s worth protecting.

VIEW FROM THE TOP >> Remember to refuel: it' a marathon

By Brig. Gen. Wayne Schatz
314th Airlift Wing commander

We started 2008 off running. Eight weeks later, we’re still running. Thank you all for the hard work and great progress made with the exercise many were involved in President’s Day weekend. Despite rain and power outages, Airmen working hard made good strides to prepare for the ORI in April.

A big thanks also goes out for the fantastic turn-out we had for the National Prayer Breakfast Tuesday morning. Chaplain (Col.) Howard Stendahl, AETC command chaplain, provided us with several inspiring take-aways and inspirational reminders.
Additionally, our new Child Development Center opened its doors officially Wednesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony which included Sen. Blanche Lincoln. Team Little Rock’s new CDC will allow us to extend childcare services to more Air Force families, providing another 88 openings for children under age 3. This new facility is a huge step toward taking even better care of our people ... a truly worthy investment in our warfighters.

This is a very big deal for Combat Airlifters!

Speaking of worthy investments, this morning, the Air Force Assistance Fund breakfast officially kicked off the annual AFAF campaign. We ask you to give generously and give what you can to the organization(s) of your choosing; they support worthy and inspiring causes.

The base goal is 100 percent contact and at least 50 percent participation, though we hope to exceed this with your help and contributions.

Today, we welcome everyone to attend the Tuskegee Airmen Lunch at 11:30 a.m. at Hangar 1080. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the rich history of the Air Force today and to honor those who have come before us giving us the amazing freedoms we cherish in the United States today. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first black fighter pilots for the famous 99th Fighter Squadron during World War II in the Army Air Corps, predecessor to today’s modern Air Force. They have some amazing stories to share!

That all said, several weeks ago, I mentioned that the road to the ORI would be a marathon, not a sprint. We’re nearing the halfway point now ... it’s time to take a minute and refuel. We are reaching a point in the mission where stress can start to have potentially detrimental effects, some of which is evidenced in the increasing DUIs we’ve had recently. Positive types of stress exist in our lives daily, although we tend to pay more attention to the negatives. Remember to capture the positives, too!

The causes of the stress may be “manufactured” – such as an exercise versus an actual combat environment – but the body’s reaction remains the same. What sets us apart as our nation’s warfighters is our uncanny ability to identify, manage and combat negative stress. All Airmen experience some level of stress, in both our professional and personal lives. The Air Force has long recognized this and has several programs in place that focus on helping Airmen identify, reduce, manage and treat stress.

Be familiar with the support organizations here at Team Little Rock that help us all and be willing and able to seek assistance when needed, whether it’s from our base chapel, medical, Airmen Family and Readiness Center, Services squadron activities, etc. Seek positive ways to decrease your stress; this can include working out at the gym, spending down time with family or friends, catching that basketball or hockey game, hitting one of our many Services activities offered on base, or even just playing some rock guitar or video games. Most importantly, let’s do our best to help each other keep our perspective and positive attitudes and continue to help each other out daily.

You, our Combat Airlifters and our families, remain our most valuable asset in fighting and winning the Global War on Terror. You are all on the front lines in combating stress. Take a good look around. If there are issues in your workplace that might be causing undue stress on your Airmen, find ways to resolve them at the grassroots level. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. The Air Force family is just that: a family. Let’s take good care of our family members!

We’re making great progress as we take each stride toward the ORI. When you see someone’s becoming winded, reach out to them and encourage them along. When you realize that you may be running low yourself, look to your Wingman for help and refuel yourself as well.

Lastly, I will be out of town next week with Chief McLean at the AETC Commander and Command Chief Conference. We’ll ensure we pass feedback to our leadership what a great job our Airmen are doing around the Rock.

We remain proud of the work you do and of your service to the United States Air Force! Combat Airlift!

Friday, February 22, 2008

CLASSIFIEDS >> 05-09-08


FREE WOOD work bench! Has 2 drawers & open compartments on bottom. Perfect for your garage! 554-4564 (Cabot)


THE DROP ZONE CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT will take ads by phone from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday 982-9421, or you may mail your ad to 404 Graham Rd., Jacksonville, AR 72078. You may also email them to Deadline to advertise in Friday issue is 5 p.m. Tuesday.

THRIFT SHOP open to the public. MWF, 10 am to 2 pm, first Saturday monthly. Great bargains. All revenues used to support mission. Volunteers and donations welcome. Jacksonville Care Channel, 201 Elm, 982-4647.

AA Lunch group, meeting noon-1pm. Big book study group every Wednesday in room 106, base Chapel annex. Please come


HUGE Multi-family yard sale, Sat. 5/10/08, 7:30 a.m - ? NO early birds! 472 Poage Rd., Austin (501) 843-0919/Sat. only, reschedule if rain.

MOVING SALE! Everything must go! - Basset Cherry Armoire, $65; Patio Furniture, $35; New QN matress set, $300! Charcoal Grill, $50! Baby Swing $10! Home decor! Name Brand Clothing! A MUST SEE! 5/10, 8am - ?, 106 Nebraska Cir. (on Base).

FRIDAY 7 am-1 pm, Multi-family , 5108 W. Republican, Jax., off 107. Gas dryer, entertainment center, Avon, and more.


Drivers: Wanted Owner Operators! Top Pay! Good Weekly Miles! 90% No Touch! FSC Paid All Miles! Woodfield, Inc., 800-501-6020 x13.

Data entry in Sherwood. Requires minimum of 10,800 keystrokes. Direct, full-time hire. For more information or appt. times call (501) 392-1500 or toll free (877) 741-2828.

Staff Opening for: Open Arms Shelter. Must have degree in social work, psychology or related field, 21 years of age & experience working with children. Duties include supervising children & staff, working with other agencies, screening referrals, maintaining records & transporting children. Counseling & computer skills a plus! Advancement opportunities. Send resume to P.O. Box 161, Lonoke, AR 72086. EOE

Part-time office help needed in Jacksonville, 30-35 hrs. per week. Duties to include: filing, phone, data entry & light bookkeeping. Please mail resume to: P.O. Box 5646, Jacksonville, AR 72078 or e-mail to:

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR KC-130J MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL. Doss Aviation, Inc. of Colorado Springs, CO is seeking personnel, with KC-130J aircraft maintenance experience for a US Marine Corps O-Level Maintenance training contract. We are seeking experienced KC-130J maintenance management/supervisory personnel, aircraft electrical system technicians, aircraft avionics system technicians, aircraft powerline (engine) system technicians, aircraft airframe system technicians, and safety and survival technicians. All resumes from qualified personnel are welcome. Please submit resumes to the address listed below. All resumes will be treated as confidential. Doss Aviation, Inc., 3320 West Carefree Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80917, ATTN: Bonnie McCandless, FAX: (719) 623-2473,, Doss Aviation, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer*

Maintenance person needed for southwest Jacksonville location. Heat & Air certification necessary. Position available now. Fax resume to (501) 985-5764


HORSES: LUCKY Acres Boarding Stable, TLC for your horse, box stalls and paddocks, clean pastures, indoor and outdoor arenas, riding instruction and training program. Dressage our specialty. (501) 988-2458.*


FREE: 2 Dogs, Lab/Irish Setter mix, brother & sister, collar, leashes, bowl & food included. CANNOT KEEP. (863) 255-6397

FREE PUPPIES. Ready to go. Small & really cute. 952-4189

FREE Australian Shepherd, 2 yrs. old, brown/white, male, neutered, current shots, and micro-chipped. Fantastic w/kids & 100% house trained. Must give away due to overseas assignment. (501) 542-4018

FREE KITTENS!! 985-9730


Two Couches: One Ikea Oversized Couch & one Lazyboy Sleeper couch. Both in good condition. $250 ea. obo. (501) 960-7358.

Heavy duty, super capacity Kenmore gas dryer. Works great. $90 (501) 628-8061

Two black metal loft beds (single size) each w/desk attached underneath, $125 ea. Two single mattresses, $30 ea. 743-5370.

Large, tan sectional $400 obo. (501) 944-7184

Black leather living room suite in good condition, non-smokers. Includes: Full size couch, loveseat, matching chair & 1 recliner. $1,000 obo. (501) 796-2044.

3-pc. leather set: two 2-seater couches & armchair, $2,500; 5-pc. king bedroom set: foot/head-board, nightstand, 6-drawer chest, metal canopy, $3,500;. 2-pc. queen bed, $250; All items used less than 1yr. (501) 796-3898

SOFA AND Chair, oak trim, beige color w/flower pattern, excellent condition, best offer. 819-0161

Dining table w/six chairs & large matching mirror. Black teak wood w/2 leaves & parsons chairs; $500 obo. (501) 796-3898.

MUST SELL Soon! Entertainment Center, good condition, sliding door, $100. Cash only. (501) 834-4195

MUST SELL Soon! 2-pc. office set, dark wood, $400. Cash only. (501) 834-4195

Lazyboy electric/heated Lift Chair/Recliner. Great for people w/mobility problems. 6 mos. old. Retail $1,400, Paid $1,000, asking $700. 835-7094

SOFA, flower print but comes w/Blue Slip Cover. Will deliver to Cabot or Base. $200 obo. (501) 941-1828, leave message, will send pics!

HONEY PINE queen bdrm. set. Real wood, head/foot boards, rails, 6-drawer chest of drawers, and night stand (mattresses not incl.) great condition. $800 obo, (501) 551-6660 Cabot.

Black Entertainment Center w/coffee table, two end tables, $600; Black computer desk, $100; Beige micro-fiber sectional, $600. (501) 940-4430

MAYTAG WASHER & Dryer, great condition, white, extended warranty until 2010, $750. Must be able to pick up in Ward. (310) 925-6613

MISSION STYLE Solid oak futon w/new mattress, $125. 817-0714

TAN MICRO-SUEDE sofa & loveseat, excellent cond., $550. 1 yr. old. Stove, dishwasher, above range microwave- $250. All for $700. Jacksonville area. (501) 944-2621 for more info.

QUEEN MATTRESS, box spring and frame, Simmons. Beautyrest Elite, excellent condition, $125. 412-2593.

ROUND END tables , $35 for 2; Glass round table w/chairs, $110 obo.; Antique White Queen Wrought Iron Headboard, $150 obo. (501) 231-6383


FOUND: WATCH at the Commissary. Call to identify. 988-1767

LOST: YELLOW Gold Wedding Band, April 21, possibly at AR Federal Credit Union in Jax., reward, 843-1094.


WANTED: Mother of multiples needs side-by-side quad stroller, reasonable price, 247-8130 or 983-4672.


Christmas tree, like new, 7 1/2 ft. tall, $50 obo.; lots of clothes, men, women & boys; upright dirt devil vacuum cleaner, $35 obo; NEW Tupperware, no tax, no shipping. (501) 843-0919 lv. mess.

WHIRLPOOL DELUXE, large capacity, heavy duty, perfect cond., moving, 4285 cash. 224-6769

REFRIGERATOR, NEWER, Kenmore, Deluxe side-by-side, perfect cond., moving must sell! $485. 224-6769

Fridgidare Refrigerator w/top opening freeze, less than a year old; Swivel TV stand w/3 moving shelves & side DVD/game storage. 4 dining room chairs. Many other items incl. baby items in great shape! (210) 393-1476 or (417) 393-9452 Sharon or Amy.

Washburn guitar, amp, & all accessories. Guitar needs new strings. $350 obo. Matt , 940-4329.

MUST SELL Soon! Upright Arion grand piano, high-backed, needs a caster (wheel on one end), $100. Cash only. (501) 834-4195

8'x10' metal shed (1 yr. old) $150 obo. & 10.1 cubic feet Kenmore chest freezer, $50 obo. 258-6045

Char-broil Patio Caddie, propane grill. Good condition, no tank included. Bought new $150, sell for $50. (501) 366-1125.

DELL COMPUTER, flat screen w/printer/scanner/fax combo, $350 obo. 988-9568 for more info.

INFANT GIRL Crib set, lamp light, switch plate and wall hangings included. $75 obo. 988-9568

2-12" L7 Kicker solarbaric subs. Never used, factory price $300-$400 each. Sell both for $395 obo. (501) 912-0636 Andre.

CHAIN LINK Dog Pen, 10'X6', 6' high. Rain cover. $180 new, $50 obo. 983-9050.

WASHER & DRYER. Matching White Set. Original Manuals included. Excellent Condition. $400 set. Cynthia @ (501) 258-6057

TOASTMASTER TOASTER Oven Broiler & SUNBEAM Microwave Oven, both White. $45 set. Cynthia @ (501) 258-6057

YERF DOG Go Cart, Two seater, 6.5 HP Engine, roll cage and seat belts. Red in color. $400 obo. (501) 580-9942 for info.

BABY JOGGER, Twinner II (Double) - 20" wheels, 5 pt. harnesses, retractable sun shade, blue color, safety reflective strips, very good condition for $100, 833-6031.

BOWFLEX Exercise system, $500. 983-1009

Maternity clothes/misc., 41 pieces, M/L, for only $60. Call for details. (573) 578-0917, Cabot.

Kolcraft Light Vibes Rocking Bassinet, $45; J. Mason Safe Surround Playpen (Sesame Street), $25; Safety 1st Bathtub, $5. 573-578-0917 Cabot

COSTUMES: Shrek (2-4T) $5; Monkey (6-18m) $10; Skeleton (3-6m) $5. (573) 578-0917, Cabot.

Tigger Snowsuit (0-3m), $10; Bear Snowsuit (0-3m), $8; Coat w/Hood (18m), $5. (573) 578-0917, Cabot.

48 misc. pieces, M/L for only $10. Includes frames, mats, books, paper shredder, iron, etc. (573) 578-0917, Cabot.

Massage Table w/face cradle and arm rest. Burgundy. Makes a great permanent table, $225; Massage Office Software, $50. (501) 240-1095, leave message.

LEXMARK 1100 Color Jet Printer, $25; Kenwood 241A Transceiver, $85; Astron Power Supply, RS20A, $80; MJF Antenna Tuner 901, $75. 362-2206

MAYTAG WASHER & dryer, great cond., white, extended warranty until 2010, $600, must be able to pick up in Ward. (310) 925-6613, Cherry.

GRACO DOUBLE stroller, $75. 817-0714

120 FT. chain-link fence. 982-6341 after 5 p.m.

Matted kitchen picture frame, $18 for 2; Mattress & box springs (Bassett Double), $150. (501) 231-6383


2006 Nissan Altima S, Black, Special Edition package, leather, spoiler. Great condition, $16,800. (501) 912-8696

2005 Cadillac CTS, Black, Wood grain, 56K miles, leather interior, great car, $18,000 obo. 247-8130 or 983-4672

1990 Corvette, Teal metallic green, tan leather, black trim, Exc. Cond., 77,000 orig. mi., eng. rebuilt w/only 4,600 miles. Everything works. $9,500, Steve, (501) 606-6672

2005 CHEVROLET Avalanche, white w/tan leather, sunroof, loaded, $21,500. 626-9165

1994 5.0 Mustang GT Convertible, fully loaded, 68,000 miles, black w/tan leather, 5-spd. trans., garage kept, super clean, $5,700 obo. (501) 605-0083

1994 BUICK LeSabre Limited, $900 obo. New battery & alternator; 194,000 mi.. Power window/locks/seats, duel climate control, (501) 796-3898.

20" CHROME rims and tires. Very nice, 6 lugs, $800 obo. 240-5816

97 Isuzu Trooper 4x4, $4,000 obo. View pics at 3.2L 6cyl AT, Auto everything. VERY CLEAN. New brakes/windshild. 128,000 miles. (501) 353-0173

2006 CHEVY Monte Carlo LTZ. Babied and loaded. 21,000 miles. White. Peppy 3.9L fuel efficient V-6. Heated leather. Tinted windows. Factory Sunroof. All the options. A looker. $15,900. Brian, 628-8113.

2007 DODGE Charger, silver, custom wheels, 3.5 w/4,000 miles. Like new, sexy car, moving for work must sell. $19,999 obo. (501) 772-1388.

1999 Ford Expedition, Looks great, runs great. PCSing overseas-must sell. Low miles on new engine. $5,500. (501) 240-7430

2003 TOYOTA Tundra SR5 ext. cab. black, auto, power windows, door, cd, cass., gray int., new tires, 45,000 mi., (850) 398-3749 or (501) 255-9830 $14,900 obo.

1999 MAZDA 626 CS, V6, auto., pwr. sunroof, leather, looks and runs perfect. $4,000. 681-6324

2006 KIA Sedona LX Minivan. Blue, 30,000 mi., & great condition. $10,000. (501) 542-4018.

1985 HONDA Prelude, red, 120,000 miles, 27 mpg., Runs great! Interior rough, new stereo, have receipts & title. $900. (501) 766-4475

4 MICHELIN TIRES 235R70x16, xterrain, already mounted on Ford rims for Ford Explorer. Ex. Cond. $1,000 value for $400. 259-8828.

1997 HONDA Civic, Red & Black, Custom, 5-spd., PW, PL, Sunroof, Brand New Rims & Tires, Stage 2 performance clutch, 160,000 mi., $5,000 obo., William (501) 366-1470 To see it, lots of money invested, must sell

2001 HARLEY Davidson Electra-glide, electronic cruise and many extras, $11,000. 730-3583


2001 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. 4,300 miles, great condition. $3,200 Must see! Jim, 247-4451.

MUST SELL Soon! 1972 Biose Cascade Motor home, sleeps 6, new fridge, new water tank, CASH ONLY. (501) 834-4195

Harley Davidson 2003 Fatboy Anniversary Ed, black/silver, 3,900 miles. $14,500 (501) 240-2443

Larson 2002 190LXI ski boat, 4.3 Volvo, 190HP, 60 hours. $13,900 (501) 240-2443

1994 SUZUKI Intruder VS1400 Motorcycle, New Tires, New Rear Brake Rotor, New Seat, Windshield, Brand new custom blue paint w/ghost flames. $3,000.(501)743-6575

'06 YAMAHA 4x4 Kodiak 450. ONLY 30 hrs. used. Excellent/mint condition. 5 yr. Transferable Manufacture warranty. $5,900 obo. Thomas @ (501) 681-0037.

2004 HONDA 400 EX ATV, low hours, well-maintained, yellow, $2,800. (863) 521-1558, Mike.

20' STRATOS dual console V hull, loaded, low hrs., 200 Merc. trolling motor & trailer, all in good cond. $8,500, (870) 247-1177

1979 17' MonArk flat bottom, 50 hp. Merc., NEW 40 lb. thrust MinKota trolling motor, EXCELLENT condition. Too much good stuff to list, e-mail, or call Dustin at (252) 767-2017, $3,500 obo. MUST SELL!


Beebe/El Paso, Floyd, Centerhill/Searcy. 2, 3 or 4 acres. Some with septic & water meter, creek & trees. 71/2% interest fixed. Starting at $119/month (501) 835-8613

3 acre tree shaded lots. Chimney Rock Estates, Beebe. Paved streets, city water, Beebe schools. Buyer's normal closing costs paid. 5.5% financing available. No money down to qualified buyers. Call (501) 843-2774 or (501) 605-3847.


For Rent: Cabot. Available June 1st. $1,150/month plus security deposit. Pets on approval. 1,950 sq. ft., 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, fireplace, bonus room, covered patio, 2 car garage, fenced yard. No smoking. Contact Walt or Diann at (618) 549-5705 or

Beautiful 4 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath home on corner lot in exclusive Gap Creek, Sherwood. 2,550 sq. ft., office, bonus room, Jacuzzi in master, tornado shelter, lots of space. $1,575 rent. (501) 833-0453

Close to Base. 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, fridge, stove, washer/dryer connection, big yard, storage shed, Central Heat & Air, $550 month + $400 deposit. (501) 681-8337

For Rent in Ward: 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, duplex, all electric, washer & dryer included. 1 year lease required. $650 month, $300 deposit. Please call (501) 941-2726 or (501) 258-8960

FOR RENT: nice 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Mobile Homes on large lots in quiet safe park, close to LRAFB. New carpet and appliances, community pool. Starting at $300 per month plus deposit. HUD accepting. Call today and get TWO WEEKS FREE RENT. (501) 835-3450.

3 BEDROOM, 1 Bath, central heat & air. Stove & refrigerator furnished. 2 miles east of Jacksonville in the Southbend area on Hwy. 294. Large lot. no pets. $500 month, $300 deposit. (501) 944-1905

(2) 2 Bedroom Houses. Country living only 5 minutes to back gate. One: chain-link fence & pets allowed. Other: new hardwood floors. Both: ceiling fans & storage buildings. $400 rent + deposit (501) 837-0264, (501) 837-0268, (501) 988-5586.

Sherwood: #21 Lee Oaks. 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1,800 sq. ft., double garage, fenced yard,. No pets. 4800 month. (501) 834-1251.

Vilonia: Dove Creek, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 car garage, brick, 3 years old, kitchen island, fenced. Available 5/17/08, $850 month, $750 deposit. (501) 232-4560


FOR INFORMATION on the Vilonia School District, Call this 24 hr. Information Hotline: 800-234-0388, EXT 2183. Compliments of Mcdowell Properties.

FSBO - Beautiful 2007 builder home. Cabot, new subdivision with lake. 1/3 acre, corner lot, 2351 Lakeshore Lane. 2,390 sq. ft., 3/4 Bedroom, 2 Bath + bonus room. $240. Call (501) 563-0420. Visit for more information.

FSBO: Gravel Ridge, about 2,200 sq. ft., 4 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath, pantry/laundry room, bonus room, large backyard, partially covered patio. Available now & move-in ready. Price Reduced! $109,000. (501) 835-9691, (501) 416-9251

FSBO: Beautiful Jacksonville home. Collenwood Subdivision. Immaculate 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, split floor plan, large luxurious master suite with tray ceiling, walk-in closet, jetted tub, separate shower crown molding throughout, 2,238 sq. ft. Call Yolanda 985-0342

FSBO: Beautiful 4 Bedroom/2 Bath, 2,300 sq. ft. home in Beebe. Has beautiful bonus sun room that is great for entertaining. Quiet subdivision. For more info. log on to or call (501) 882-6131

Beebe area. 2,164 sq. ft. New Home on 3 acre lot, 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath. Large bonus room or 4th Bedroom. Electronic security system, gas log fireplace, 2 car garage. Large deck professionally landscaped, paved street. Reduced Price $229,500. To view home, call (501) 843-2774 or (501) 605-3847.

FSBO: Vilonia, 2,100 sq. ft., remodeled 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 8 acre horse ranch with shop, barns, fenced Bermuda pasture, stocked pond, Zoysia yard, shade/fruit trees. Appraised $285,000. Pictures available. (501) 454-0491

Gravel Ridge: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, bonus room, 1,604 sq. ft., quiet cul-de-sac. Many updates, new kitchen counters & appliances, new roof in 2007. 10 minutes to Base. OPEN HOUSE 5/18, MLS #10188466, $123,500. (501) 952-8137

New home for sale by builder. Very nice 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, stainless steel appliances, fenced yard & many extras. 1,330 sq. ft., 402 Boston, Graham Settlement Subdivision, $135,000. (501) 982-9440

EVENTS >>2-15-08

Program coordinator, members sought

The Equal Opportunity Office is looking for a program coordinator and committee members for the 2008 Days of Remembrance for Victims of the Holocaust and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month observances.

The Little Rock AFB Special Observance Program is a wing program carried out by special observance committees. These committees come together for a limited time to plan, organize, and execute events and activities for DoD recognized special observances.

The LRAFB special observance committees are not private organizations and any person assigned to Little Rock AFB (i.e. active duty, retiree, family member, DoD civilian) has an opportunity to be appointed Program Coordinator and participate as a member of any special observance committee.

The Days of Remembrance meeting will be held at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday in the EO classroom (building 842, behind the Education building).

The Asian Pacific American Heritage meeting will be held at noon Tuesday in the EO classroom (building 842, behind the education building).

Spouses’ Club luncheon

The Little Rock Spouses’ Club invites all spouses of any Active Duty, Retiree, Guard, or Reserve member of any Branch of Service to a “Me! Me! Me!” luncheon at the Little Rock AFB Conference Center Thursday.

You are not required to be a Spouses’ Club member to attend this function.

Come check the club out and if you would like to join, memberships are half off.

Social and children’s playgroup begin at 10:30 a.m. with lunch at 11 a.m. The menu is grilled chicken salad, rolls, dessert buffet and coffee/tea.

The cost is $9 for 314th Services Club card members and $10 for non-members.

Children’s playgroup will be available at the Thomas Community Activities Center. To reserve places for your children in the playgroup and your meal at the function, RSVP by 5 p.m. Monday at or contact Rachel Kreps at 501-765-0316.

PPM replaces DITY in name only

DoD now refers to DITY as PPM. All other aspects of a Personally Procured Move remains the same, only the name has changed.

Those planning a PPM, may bring orders to Traffic Management, and a representative will counsel you on the spot, no need for an appointment.

For further questions on entitlements, contact the TMF at 987-3582.

Retirement slated

A retirement ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. Feb. 22 at the Conference Center for Master Sgt. Ronny Standish.
Commissioning briefing

An Education Center Commissioning briefing is set for 1 p.m. Thursday.

All active-duty airmen interested in applying for 2008 and 2009 commissioning programs need to attend this briefing. Get the latest on application procedures, changes in age cutoffs and board dates. Call 987-3417 to schedule for the briefing.

Services openings

Current job openings for Services are: Hangar 1080, club operations assistant, NF-II, flexible hours; Marketing, visual information specialist, NF-III, regular hours; Outdoor Recreation, recreation specialist, NF-III, regular hours and Library, library aid, NF-I, flexible hours. Services employees are required by Public Law 104-134 to have salary payments made by electronic funds transfer/direct deposit.

For more information, call 987-6440.

Show time reminder

Due to heightened TSA inspection requirements and the distance from passenger screening area to the departure gates, it is advised the travelers scheduled to fly out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to Yokota or Kadena Air Base must check in as early as six hours, but no later than three hours and 20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

Checking in between these periods will allow adequate time for processing mission and providing excellent customer service at the AMC Terminal.

For more information, contact the Traffic Management Flight at 987-3582.

TOP STORY >> AADD combats DUIs, gives safe rides

By Staff Sgt. Juan Torres
314th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The Airman Against Drunk Driving Program is a program used at many bases to combat DUIs and give servicemembers a safe ride home when their plans fall through.

Every weekend, Airmen from across the base volunteer their off-duty time to ensure Airmen who have been drinking make it home from bars, restaurants and parties safe.

Since the beginning of the this year alone, the AADD program has been responsible for bringing home more than 60 Airmen safely. 

“The life of the program lies in our volunteers,” said Tech. Sgt. Sheri Masterson, AADD’s president. 

“AADD volunteers will go out and pickup impaired military members, no questions asked,” Sergeant Masterson said.
The program is available to all military members who choose not to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Every weekend, volunteers go on-call to help combat the threat of DUIs.

“As DUIs for this year have increased, it is important for Airman to realize that there are many alternatives to picking up the keys after drinking,” said Sergeant Masterson.

Airmen should have a plan in-place when they go out drinking, when that plan falls through, they should always consider the possible consequences of drinking and driving to the alternative of getting a ride home.

“There is no excuse for drinking and driving when an Airman has the option to call a cab, a wingman, a supervisor or AADD at 987-AADD,” she said. “By far, someone taking the time to give them a ride far outweighs the risk of a getting a DUI, getting into an accident or the risk of hurting themselves or another person on the road.”

TOP STORY >> Security Forces Squadron member receives Bronze Star

By Airman 1st Class Nathan Allen
314th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

A member of the 314th Security Forces Squadron was recognized for his efforts during a recent deployment to Iraq.

Master Sgt. Mark Evans was presented the Bronze Star by Maj. Christopher Ford, 314th Security Forces Squadron commander, for his achievements while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

While stationed in Iraq, Sergeant Evans played a key leadership role with the protection of the largest theater internment facility in the Department of Defense with more than 14,000 detainees and a logistical support area housing more than 3,000 Coalition Forces, according to the citation.

“Mark always sought out chances to lead,” said retired Chief Master Sergeant Keith Morris, former 314th Security Forces Squadron superintendent. “Whenever there was a vacancy, Mark was the one who was gone to to fill the void. He stepped in and filled big shoes on more than one occasion to keep the security on this base solid.”

Sergeant Evans’ affinity for leadership opportunities did not stop while in Iraq. His daily responsibilities included tracking the movements of 116 forces daily as they carried out missions. His leadership and preparedness were immediately made known when shortly after arriving at in country, mortar and rocket attacks were initiated by insurgents on three separate occasions. Sergeant Evans directed defensive forces to various covered positions around the base which providing 360 degree security to identify and neutralize the attacking insurgents.

Deployed supervisors said the mission succeeded because of him, and they couldn’t imagine the mission being successful without his leadership there.

As squad leader for area security operations, Evans was also responsible for a large tactical and defensive footprint “outside the wire,” according to the citation. In three months time, he led 117 combat patrols on more than 5,000 miles of Iraqi roadways conducting mounted, dismounted and presence patrols, improvised explosive device and wire sweeps, personnel security details, listening and observation posts, and vehicle checkpoint operations into and out of Iraq. In addition, he conducted 40 counter-improvised explosive device sweeps along the main and alternate supply routes helping to secure 253 coalition convoys carrying more than 1,000 personnel and 2,000 vehicles delivering food, water, fuel, ammunition and other critical items. “He’s easily the hottest burning NCO in the wing, and clearly is headed for great things,” added Chief Morris. “If I had some chief stripes, I’d put them on Mark right now.”

The Bronze Star medal, authorized by Executive Order No. 9419 Feb. 4, 1944, is awarded to a person in any branch of the military service who, while serving in any capacity with the Armed Forces of the United States on or after Dec. 7, 1941, shall have distinguished himself by heroic or meritorious achievement or service, not involving participation in aerial flight, in connection with military operations against an armed enemy.

TOP STORY >> Top 10 ways to dazzle IG: No. 8 Leadership

By Lt. Col. Nate Allerheiligen
314th Airlift Wing Director of Readiness

"Lead by words and actions, formally and informally by motivating, communicating and setting a positive example!"

– Maj. Gen. Mark Zamzow,
Former Air Mobility Command inspector general,
TIG Brief September to October 2004

Simply said, leadership is the ability to get other people to follow what you do, where you go, or what you wish to achieve. This base is overflowing with leaders. In fact, everyone has the opportunity for leadership.

Enthusiasm is contagious. Excellence and attention to detail can be taught. Concern for others is the fabric that holds units together. All of these are leadership skills that can be used by any Airmen from E-1 to O-7 to get this team toward our goal of three “Outstanding” grades in our coming inspections. It doesn’t matter if you are a supervisor, section chief, or commander, you can still be a leader.

So what are you doing to lead this team? Step out and help cheer your teammates on when the going gets tough. Don’t be a complainer, be a problem-solver. Set an example of superior professionalism through your personal dress and appearance and adherence to customs and courtesies.

We are approaching the “gut check” phase of our preparations for these inspections. We have two more rigorous exercises right around the corner. We’re having extra self-inspections and staff assistance visits to validate our compliance. We’ll have to put in long hours to prepare the base for the inspector general reception. The next air expeditionary force rotation is about to launch. The single common thread of success for all of these challenges is: leadership.

VIEW FROM THE TOP >> Save early and often

By Master Sgt. Brooke McLean
314th Airlift Wing command chief

The military is launching a new campaign later this month, and it might change your life … in fact, I hope it does.

The “Military Saves Campaign” is a Department of Defense initiative targeting an area near and dear to my heart.

I’ve commented before on my concerns about the amount of debt carried by the average American and a quick Web search reveals that total consumer debt (not counting mortgage debt) is $2.46 trillion.

Trillion … I nearly had to take my shoes off to count the number of zeros for that number. Financial freedom and debt-free living is a goal we should all share, and I have a strategy that doesn’t miss. For many Americans the concept is hard to grasp, but here it is: Don’t spend money you don’t have.

Even better, save money for future needs. Saving for a rainy day is more than a trite saying – you will have crisis (rain) in your life and having an emergency fund can keep you from falling into debt during tough times.

Additionally, saving money gives you access to what I call the “Eighth Wonder of the World” – the miracle of compound interest.

The critical piece of this miracle is time. The longer you save the more the compound interest works for you.

If you save $20 per week and earn 10 percent interest, you will have more than $500,000 in 40 years.

If you want more details go online and play with the interest calculators available. It will open your eyes to the power of compound interest, and why you should be saving money.

VIEW FROM THE TOP >> Plain and simple: DUI free!

By Brig. Gen. Rowayne Schatz
314th Airlift Wing commander

Do not drink and drive! The message is simple. We heard it as teens in driver’s education. We see the Mothers Against Drunk Driving ads in our favorite magazines and sandwiched between our music videos. More than 97 million viewers caught the message during this year’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLII. It’s five simple words: do not drink and drive.

In October, during Wingman Day activities, combat airlifters signed a contract vowing to use alcohol responsibly and to not drive if they were intoxicated. Commanders brief the importance of having a plan at calls and functions every month. Yet somehow, that message isn’t getting through to some.

In the first two weeks of February alone, we’ve unfortunately had approximately five people apprehended for driving while under the influence.

We’re realists – we know people are going to drink alcohol; it’s legal over age 21 in the United States, obviously. Along with the MADD ads on Super Bowl Sunday, ads also exalted the virtues of barley and hops. However, even those ads ended with the tag line begging you to “indulge responsibly.”

The message is clear, folks: you’re free to drink ... but obligated to consume responsibly!

Every person who has been a member of the Air Force family for more than a month has heard the “war cry” to “have a plan …” You’ve heard “have a backup plan when your plan fails.” Those plans seem to be failing now, and we will no longer tolerate it. One DWI arrest is one too many.

We have set positive reinforcements across The Rock – no DWIs for 60 days equals time off. The past two down days were offered in conjunction with a holiday, equating to four days off. With the current trend, it seems we’re making negative headway.

The few can spoil it for the many, so watch out for your wingman. Encourage each other to do the right thing and to watch out for others on the road whose lives may be impacted by a drunk driver as well. Don’t become a statistic.

This message should be crystal clear – we will not tolerate impaired driving from anyone ... at any time. Punishment will be swift and harsh for violators.

There are too many alternatives to driving while intoxicated. Every person has a recall roster and an infinite number of people they can call if they’re in a bind.

Do not be afraid to contact someone in your chain of command if your plan fails; they will be happy to help you. Airmen Against Drunk Driving has proven time and again to be a free, zero retribution means to arriving home safely. AADD can be reached at 987-AADD.

The Jacksonville/Cabot/North Little Rock area alone has at least 11 cab companies in a 20-mile radius that operate 24/7.
The Conway area has another six. Every bar has a bartender willing to call for that ride home. Every pay phone has a phonebook attached to it. Every cellular user has access to 4-1-1 information services. It’s easy to make the right choice. We demand it, and so does your country! We ask that you join us in ensuring that your wingman always has a plan.
Check yourself, check your friends and check your troops. Driving while under the influence is a means to an end – the end of your career or the end of your life...or someone else’s life.

Those risks aren’t ones that any person should be willing to take.

Good judgment and safety should always be at the forefront of your minds. We can’t do the mission without each one of you here.

We need you to make the smartest, safest decisions for your life, other’s lives, and our country’s freedoms ... and lives of those around the world. Take care of one another and keep each other alive! Combat airlift!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CLASSIFIEDS >> 02-08-08


THE DROP ZONE CLASSIFIED DEPARTMENT will take ads by phone from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday 982-9421, or you may mail your ad to 404 Graham Rd., Jacksonville, AR 72078. You may also email them to Deadline to advertise in Friday issue is 5 p.m. Tuesday.

THRIFT SHOP open to the public. MWF, 10 am to 2 pm, first Saturday monthly. Great bargains. All revenues used to support mission. Volunteers and donations welcome. Jacksonville Care Channel, 201 Elm, 982-4647.


GARAGE SALE, 9 February, starting at 7am-all day. 3028 Woodruff Creek in Sherwood, children's furniture and clothing, TVs, bunkbed and housewares.


Maintenance/Skilled Laborers for large mobile home park in Jacksonville. Pay from $7-15 an hour based on experience. Basic tools required. Must pass drug test. Call (501) 835-3450


HORSES: LUCKY Acres Boarding Stable, TLC for your horse, box stalls and paddocks, clean pastures, indoor and outdoor arenas, riding instruction and training program. Dressage our specialty. (501) 988-2458.*


1 JACK RUSSELL female, 4 yrs old, 1 Jack/Rat terrier female, 2 yrs old, free to good home 405-694-1716

FREE: VERY playful young cat that appears to be blind. Rescued from roadside and needs loving home. (501)941-5839

FREE BLACK Lab to great home. Please call 501-944-7183

CAT TREEHOUSE Condo, 72" high, $40. 501-416-3380

FREE TO Good home, sweet loving, female kitten, about 3 months old. 501-259-2952

FRIENDLY, FEMALE, 2 yo, Cockatiel, Large Cage, stand, and small cage. Lots of toys. $80 OBO, 436-4964.

DOG NEEDS Home. Female,Chow/Shepherd mix, 5yrs old,medium/55lbs. Calm, sweet, good w/other animals & children. Chris @ 850-758-7045

FREE TWO 3 mo. male Shepherd/Pointer mixes that are house broken and great with kids. Already have shots. 740-818-9695.


C-130 HAND-CARVED mahogany & marble bar ,4 swiveling padded chairs, Multiple drawers and storage areas, Bar disassembles into 3 pieces Bar Glasses incl., $475. 501-835-0178

ELECTRIC LAY-Z-BOY heated lift chair, Like New, fuchsia corduroy, ideal for people w/mobility problems- paid over $1000 asking $700 Firm (501) 835-7094

QUEEN MATTRESS and box springs set, $200 obo, like new. 454-0614

SOLID OAK Computer Armoire. $350. Two bi-fold doors, 3 drawers, pull-out keyboard tray, CPU & CD storage, printer shelves & more. 58"T x 48"W x 22"D. Great cond. 988-0255 or 786-9110

OAK TABLE w/4 chairs, entertainment center, 19 in. color TB, 2 oak barstools, all for $350. (501) 983-1445

PROFESSIONALLY DECORATED Living Room, Gorgeous, seven piece wicker living set., Natural, green accent. Complete w/pillows & floral arrangements. $650. 501-843-9143 Bill Gundaker

WALL UNIT from Germany (Schrank) w/solid carved oak doors. H 7'/W 11'/D2', $800 obo. Call 501-542-4045 (Cabot)

ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, New, $50. Comp. Desk, glass top, new, $50, Matching Sofa & Loveseat, brown micro-fibre, new, $550. 258-1273

32" PANASONIC TV, $180. 501-985-8154.

CREAM ENTERTAINMENT Center with twin towers and floating top, $150. 501-416-3380

Ceiling fan, $20, Med. Wooden Floor Shelves, $25 ea., Must Sell. (501)-343-8517

OAK GLASS top end tables, $75, Oak Glass front table lamps, $35, Daybeds, black metal, $80 each. Must Sell. (501) 343-8517

CHILD SIZE Recliner, maroon, $40, Girl's White Nightstands, $25 ea., Large Wooden Wall Shelf, $30. Must Sell. (501) 343-8517

KING SLEIGH Bed: Minor repair needed (about $85), $200. 501-392-6095

BARELY USED futon with innerspring mattress. Cover and frame included. $200, (501) 960-7358.

5 Piece Oak Wall Unit (German Shrank) Oak & Glass Curio approx. 6'3 w/4 glass shelves, 4 shelf Bookshelf, miniature oak & glass curio, $1800! Call for pics 554-4564 (Cabot)


GAZELLE FITNESS machine, $45 firm. 835-7094

NON-WORKING whirlpool washer, free, will bring to base. 405-694-1716 Mike

25 YRS. of National Geographic magazines, free will bring to base. 405-694-1716

LOTS OF Kids stuff, treadmill, $75. Adam 436-4860

MATERNITY CLOTHES, 15 shirts, 4 pants, 2 overalls, 3 dresses. sizes small and medium. $45. 501-983-9807

HOME GYM, $100 obo, like new. 454-0614

200 AMP Breaker box for inside, $150. (501) 983-1445

MEN'S MESS dress, size 42, two bow ties, cuff links, cummerbund, has MSgt stripes, exc. cond.. $100. Call afternoon 982-1882.

10 BAGS of boy clothes, newborn - 1 yr., Ask for Sam or Jessica, 545-3330 or 258-1273.

MICROWAVE W/Turntable, $25, Baby gates, $10 ea., Umbrella Stroller, $10, kid's bowling ball w/bag, $15. Must Sell. 343-8517

GRACO DOUBLE Stroller, like new, Ivy League print. $65. 843-2162

WATERFORD CHINA; The Brocade Collection. New 5-pc. place settings, serving tray incl. $1000 value, sell for 600, obo. 501-259-9928

4' 1/2" X 14' UTILITY trailer, perfect for 2 ATV's, $650 obo. 501 749-7102 or 501-796-8385

34" SONY Wega HD Ready TV. 2 years old, $500 OBO. 940-1840 for more info.

PING ZING 2 golf club set, 3-pw in excellent condition with new grips and Ping Pal 2 putter, $250. 501-960-4791

TOSHIBA TV, 32" exc. cond. w/stand, $150 obo. 501-605-0310

SMOKER, $10, Barbie 4-wheeler, $50, Barbie Kitchen, $35, Step 2 Puppet Theater, $20, 231-3706

Vacuum-Bissell Power Force, $10, Double Stroller with car seat carrier, $50. 231-3706

20" TV Built -in DVD Player, $80. Black leather desk chair, $40. Full-size Mattress and Box Spring, $40. 412-913-2728


YARD EQUIPMENT, mower, weedeater, leaf blower/vac, all under 1 yr. old, packaged to sell at $250. 229-300-4701, on base.


WHITE CAMPER Shell that fits 98-98 Short Bed Chevrolet trucks, good condition, $350 obo. 501-993-6517

72" WHEEL and tires, 5 lug universal, like new, $1,500 obo. 454-0614

1997 FORD RANGER XLT, extended cab, 4x4, V6, 4.0 liter, red, 106k, CD/Tape, auto., bed liner, cruise. $4,900. Call 540-230-8742.

1990 TOYOTA 4x4, needs engine, lift kit, roll bar w/lights, nerf bars, new mudders, $3,500. (501) 983-1445

1980 CORVETTE, Rally Sport. $8,500 or best offer. 501 554 4402.

2003 FORD Pickup F150 XLT Triton V8, 62,000 mi., LWB, Auto., A/C, P/W, P/DL, Outside Temp. Display, CD, P/S, Bed liner. Call 912-2239 aft. 4:00

1999 JEEP Wrangler Sport Hardtop, Blk., 5 spd, 6cyl, 116k mi, Well maintained, 4 in. susp. lift, 33" BFG A/T, Winch, Alarm, C/D, $9,200 obo. (501)554-4181

2001 HONDA Shadow Aero 1100 Stage 2 jet kit, saddle bags, windshield, backseat, backrest. 18,000 mi., Perfect shape! $5,000 OBO, Jon 413-358-3117

1984 PORSCHE 944, exc. cond., $6,500, orig. 87k miles, 658-5518


1985 Honda 200X 3-wheeler. Runs great. Needs some work done. $600 obo., 501-259-2693

WOOD PIROGUE boat, camouflaged and completely fiberglassed great for hunting and fishing, $175. 501-960-4791

WOODEN PIROGUE boat, camouflaged and completely fiber glassed great for hunting and fishing $175. 501-960-4791

NEW 2006 Yamaha Kodiak 450 4x4 with ramp, 112 miles on 23.3 hours. Camo. colored. Only $4,800. (501) 940-0888.


FOR RENT: nice 2 & 3 Bedroom Mobile Homes on large lots in Quiet safe park close to LRAFB. New carpet and appliances. Starting at $300 per month plus deposit. HUD accepting. Call today and get TWO WEEKS FREE RENT. (501) 835-3450

Vilonia - Dove Creek Subdivision- 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 car, brick, 2,600+ sq. ft, split floor plan, tile, carpet floors, very large corner lot, privacy fenced. 1 mile to schools, 20 minutes to back gate. $1,000 month. (501) 514-0909/5253. Email: pilot1326cfi@yahoocom

For Sale or Lease! Several new 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath houses in Austin to choose from. Split floor plan, convenient to freeway. Available now & ready to move in. $950 month + deposit. (501) 941-9417.

Completely remodeled 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath home with garage & storage. Eat-in kitchen. Fenced yard. $560 month. By appointment only. 605-7200

Cabot home for rent: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Cabot Schools, 1,580 sq. ft., remodeled kitchen, privacy fenced, large backyard, corner lot, desirable neighborhood. $950 month, $950 deposit. No Smoking. (501) 606-9576

3BR/1BA with carpet, all appliances including W/D, large fenced yard. Deposit $300, Rent $595, Available now. Call 454-0831

Very nice: completely remodeled 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath house. 1417 North James, Jacksonville. Washer/Dryer connections. Close to Base & Elementary schools, $600 month, $600 deposit. (501) 749-6963

House for Rent: 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath, carport, fenced backyard, storage sheds, close to base, $525 monthly, $525 deposit, no pets. Call 501-416-8107

3 Bedroom brick home, newly remodeled. Cabot city limits. 2 Bedroom with walk-=in shower & jacuzzi in other, 2 car garage, on 2 1/2 acres, storage building in back. $850 month + $250 deposit. (501) 843-3016m (501) 940-2715

For Rent: $530 monthly lease to purchase. 14x70 mobile home on 1.5 acres. Newly remodeled 2 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath with open floor plan. Cabot Schools with privacy & lots of room. (501) 605-7200

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath in Foxwood. Backs up to the golf course at 7th Green Big lot, living & dining rooms, den, fireplace. $895 per month. 988-2458 or 681-3414

For Rent: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2,200 sq. ft. home in Sherwood. $950 monthly. Call (978) 269-4453 or (978) 269-4425 for info.

2 Bedroom with carport & storage building. Ceiling fans, carpet, stove & refrigerator. 5 minutes to back gate. $425 month + deposit. (501) 837-0264 or 837-0268 or 988-5586

Great neighborhood - Gap Creek, Sherwood - 2,400 sq. ft., 4 Bedroom + office, 2 bath, 2 car garage, washer/dryer, walking trails & neighborhood park. Covered back porch, partially fenced. $1,425 a month. Call Sam (505) 442-3894


House for Sale: Sherwood, 4 Bedroom, 2,230 sq. ft., good School district, quiet cul-de-sac. Military Retiree. Ready to Move Into! $179,500. Call (501) 310-3792 or (501) 520-0858

Available now! Several new 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath houses in Austin to choose from. Split floor plan, convenient to freeway, ready to move in. $104,900. (501) 941-9417

2 Miles from back gate, 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1,475 sq. ft., new siding, windows, carpet, marble bathroom, 1.13 acres, workshop, barn. Great Schools. 493,900. Call 831-5200 or 988-2798

House for Sale: 200 3rd Street, Ward. 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, completely remodeled, on large corner lot. (501) 590-2438, (501) 843-9883

Beebe, 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, 2,164 sq. ft., 3.25 acre lot in residential subdivision, many trees, bonus room, gas fireplace, paved streets, city water, 2 car garage, many extras, builder sale. (501) 843-2774.

Beautiful 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1,500 sq. ft., 1 acre, above-ground pool, small garden pool, privacy fence, 2 car garage, country living with Cabot Schools, $132,500. (501) 940-2348

GREAT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY! Over 2,700 sq. ft., 5 BR, 2 BA sitting on 6 lots next to City Park. Needs work, but has GREAT potential. AUSTIN $78,000.00, 501-941-5584 leave message.

FSBO: Beautiful 4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, 2,377 sq. ft. in Jacksonville gated subdivision. Great for entertaining. Quiet neighborhood, close to schools. Call (501) 993-7589

FSBO - 2007 Cabot home, new subdivision with lake & bowling alley. 2351 Lakeshore Lane. 2,390 sq. ft., 3/4 bedrooms, 2 bath + bonus room. $246,000. Call (501) 563-0420 or visit

FSBO: Cabot, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, approximately 1,100 sq. ft., vaulted ceilings, open floor plan, updated bathrooms & kitchen, stainless steel appliances in kitchen included. $99,000. Call (501) 259-8490

BRIEFS >> 02-08-08

Prayer breakfast Feb. 19

Little Rock AFB will celebrate the 2008 National Prayer Breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19 at Hangar 1080.

The guest speaker this year is AETC Command Chaplain, Col. Howard Stendahl. Tickets cost $5 for E-5 and below, and $7 for all others. Tickets are available through the First Sergeants and the Base Chapel and must be purchased by close of business Wednesday.

The breakfast buffet menu includes scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, biscuits with gravy, fruit, and pastries. Vegetarian and kosher options are available on request. Dress for military is Uniform of the Day. For more information, contact the Base Chapel at 987-6014.


The retirement ceremony for Chief Master Sgt. Keith Morris is scheduled for 10 a.m. today at the Little Rock Air Force Base Conference Center Ballroom. Contact Master Sgt. Tracy Sisco at 987-6654 for more information.

The retirement ceremony for Master Sgt. George Owens is scheduled for 2 p.m. today at building 216. Contact Tech. Sgt. Gregory Shadman at 987-6528 for more information.

Civilian retires after 30-plus years

Joseph W. Elkins, 314th Airlift Wing Public Affairs, will retire in the 314th AW Headquarters Conference Room (building 1250) at noon today.

Mr. Elkins has served as a base graphic artist for more than 37 years. For more details, call 987-6744 or 987-3601.

Quarterly BBQ set

Quarterly Dorm Residents BBQ is set for 1 p.m. Feb. 15 at the Thomas Community Activities Center. The barbecue is open to all base dormitory residents. There will be free hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas and chips. Mission Support Group senior NCOs are needed to help set up, serve food and drinks, and clean up.

For details, contact Master Sgt. Karl Mecca at Set up will take place at 11 a.m. Feb. 15.

Scholarship applications are now available

The Little Rock Spouses’ Club announces that 2008 scholarship and school grant applications are now available.

In 2007 the Little Rock Spouses’ Club awarded over $17,000. Arkansas high school seniors and spouses of full-time active duty, guard, reserve and retired members are eligible to apply.

Applications are located in the 314th Medical Group, in the following areas: Flight Medicine, Women's Health, Family Medicine, Dental, and Eye Clinic. Applications are also available at the LRSC Thrift Shop, Bowling Alley, AFRC, and high school guidance counselors' offices.

Applications must be postmarked by March 31. For more information and applications please see our website:

Services openings

Current job openings for Services are: Hangar 1080, club operations assistant, NF-II, flexible hours; Marketing, visual information specialist, NF-III, regular hours; IT, information technology assistant, NF-III, flexible hours; Outdoor Recreation, recreation specialist, NF-III, regular and Library, library aid, NF-I, flexible hours. Services employees are required by Public Law 104-134 to have salary payments made by electronic funds transfer/direct deposit.

For more information, call 987-6440.

Tuskegee Airmen Inc. social scheduled

The Tuskegee Airmen Inc. Judge Decatur Chapter, from Little Rock Air Force Base, will host their second annual social giving honor to the original Tuskegee Airmen from Arkansas Feb. 22.

This event will take place at the Robinson Center Exhibition Hall, in downtown Little Rock. Guest speakers will include three original Tuskegee Airmen, whom are native Arkansans.

The social will include a silent auction with autographed Tuskegee Airmen artwork, a P-51 aircraft signed by the attending original Tuskegee Airmen and more. The social will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the program will start at 7 p.m.

Cost is $35 per person. Contact Master Sgt. Alicia Roberts at 987-1176 or 1st Lt. Saheba DeHenre (662) 832-1774 for additional information.

Civilian registration dates for courses slated

Civilian registration for March through May 2008 on-base college classes will be conducted off-base at the Jacksonville Community Center from 2:30 to 7 p.m. Feb. 21 and 26.

Registration is only for individuals who do not have a valid ID to enter the base.

For details, call the universities: ASU-Beebe at 988-4151, Park University at 988-5624, Southern Illinois at 988-1391, Embry-Riddle at 987-5550, UA-Fayetteville at 988-2522 and Webster University at 988-5331.

TOP STORY >> Little Rock AFB 2007 Annual Awards

By Staff Sgt. Beth Orlen
314th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Twelve Airmen and civilians were named the best of the best at the 2007 Little Rock Air Force Base Annual Awards, base officials announced Feb. 1.

The awards ceremony, which took place in the base Sports and Fitness Center, gathered all the nominees, their families, friends, coworkers and supervisors to recognize their efforts throughout the year.

“In my book, tonight's winners are just a bit better this year than all the other winners around them,” said General Halter. “And the best news? Unlike the teams in the Super Bowl, I can guarantee that our team be back here next year, doing the same thing, with the same people as part of the same great Air Force... because “The Rock” and the air force have made a habit of excellence.”

Prior to the awards ceremony, all the nominees were presented with a medallion for being selected as quarterly award winners from Brig. Gen. Rowayne Schatz Jr., 314th Airlift Wing commander.

In addition to highlighting the Airmen, Jacksonville Mayor Tommy Swaim was presented with the first Little Rock Air Force Base Cornerstone Award – an award that was created to honor a prominent civic leader who exemplifies outstanding service and commitment to the men and women of Little Rock AFB and continues to strengthen the foundation set by the Founding Fathers of the base.

The night wrapped up with a performance by the Air Force’s Tops in Blue group.

Winners are as follows.

Ceremonial Guardsman of the Year: Tech. Sgt. Kendal Dismute, 314th Civil Engineer Squadron

Airman of the Year: Senior Airman Hector Villarreal, 314th Maintenance Squadron

NCO of the Year: Tech. Sgt. Joseph Croswait, 314th Civil Engineer Squadron

Senior NCO of the Year: Senior Master Sgt. Brian Stevens, 314th Maintenance Squadron

First Sergeant of the Year: Master Sgt. Charles Doan, 314th Medical Group

Company Grade Officer of the Year: Capt. Daniel J. Brown, 61st Airlift Squadron

Civilian Category I of the Year: Terry Gardner, 314th Maintenance Squadron

Civilian Category II of the Year: Randal Grimes, 314th Medical Support Squadron

Non-Appropriated Funds Category I of the Year: Maighdlin DiMatteo, 314th Services Squadron, Hangar 1080

Non-Appropriated Funds Category II of the Year: Diandra Crippen, 314th Services Squadron, NAF Accounting Office

Non-Appropriated Funds Category III of the Year: Jerry McCray, 314th Services Squadron, Razorback Inn

Volunteer of the Year: John Heffernan, 314th Airlift Wing, Retiree Activities Office

Team Little Rock Cornerstone Award: Tommy Swaim, Mayor of Jacksonville

TOP STORY >> Top 10 ways to dazzle IG: No. 7 Safety

By Lt. Col. Nate Allerheiligen
314th Airlift Wing director of readiness

“Approach duties with a safety-oriented mindset, know when not to press forward on actions because they’re unsafe and apply operational risk management techniques to accomplish the mission!”

– Maj. Gen. Mark Zamzow, former Air Mobility Command inspector general, TIG Brief Sept.-Oct. 2004

Safety is paramount — NOT! Before the safety conscious give me the scarlet “U” for “unsafe,” read what follows. The mission is paramount; the mission requires that we retain maximum mission effectiveness over time; we can only maintain mission effectiveness over time if we preserve our resources, facilities and personnel.

That means that safety is paramount to mission execution!

Our demanding missions require that we take risks. We are not risk adverse; rather, we proactively manage risk by identifying the hazards, assessing the risk, create and implement mitigation controls and then reassess our success. The implementation of ORM is a tool to enable the mission to be executed quickly, easily and repeatedly with successful results. In fact, the mission may require accepting great additional risk in order to achieve a great objective or opportunity.

When we do something that provides little tangible benefit, yet is loaded with risk, then we don’t do it. If we fail to properly execute mitigation strategies, then we unknowingly increase our risk to unacceptable levels. You know the basics: look both ways before crossing the street; wear your PPE and reflective belts; if it looks stupid, it usually is. When unusual situations occur, consider the hazards and risks, and then make the decision at the appropriate level. Let common sense guide your judgment and the mission will prevail. Slow is smooth; smooth is fast!

VIEW FROM THE TOP >> Be Air Force green

By Chief Master Sgt. Brooke McLean
314th Airlift Wing command chief

For the longest time, I was convinced global warming was an issue created and sustained by tree huggers with nothing better to do than make unwanted noise and use guilt to manipulate our society. I still haven’t completely shelved that line of thinking, but I think it’s irresponsible to overlook the benefits of being environmentally aware. Plus, I don’t like paying $3 a gallon for gas. Need some convincing? Here are three reasons: energy savings, limited resources and good stewardship.

Our Air Force is facing limited resources and we need to conserve our dollars wherever possible. The double jeopardy situation we face is reduced funding coupled with energy prices at record highs. Energy is expensive and the rise in fuel prices, stoked by the laws of supply and demand, will be limited only by our appetite. Until we find a source of energy that doesn’t have limits, our nation is at the mercy of those who control it. No doubt about it, our national security policy is linked to the oil reserves in the Middle East.

Saving gas does more than keep money in your pocket, it helps our nation.

Finally, I challenge you to look at environmental awareness from a stewardship standpoint. Stewardship is caring for what you have. As an individual, it’s my inherent obligation to not waste what I have been given, and it’s yours too.

Our country is majestic in its breathtaking beauty and incredible natural resources. Spend a rotation in the desert and you will have a new appreciation for the color green. We’re blessed with abundant resources … I’m not going to hug trees but I will do my part. I challenge you to do the same.

VIEW FROM THE TOP >> February busy for Team Little Rock

By Brig. Gen. Wayne Schatz
314th Airlift Wing commander

Wow! What a great way to start the month of February. On Feb. 1, we had the distinct pleasure of escorting Maj. Gen. Irving Halter, Jr., 19th Air Force commander, and his wife, Judy, to Little Rock Air Force Base’s 2007 annual awards ceremony. Twelve annual award winners from across the base — Airmen, officers and civilians – the best-of-the-best in their respective areas were named (see page 7). Congratulations to winners and nominees alike! The competition was fierce and choosing winners was definitely challenging! All who were nominated – not just the award winners – should be proud of their above-and-beyond achievements. These combat airlifter superstars didn’t get to where they are alone, however.

It takes a lot of teamwork in any section for one person to excel. The achievements of these few are something you can all be proud of.

Maj. Gen. Halter, needless to say, was very impressed by Team Little Rock. The dedication and hard work you put into your days proved self-evident. He departed with a great view of the incredible accomplishments achieved right here daily and the critical impact each one of you holds in serving and preserving our nation.

On Friday, we also had the honor of presenting the Honorable Tommy Swaim, City of Jacksonville mayor, with the Little Rock AFB “Cornerstone Award.” This award, created this year, recognizes a civic leader who excels in base and community involvement, Airmen interaction, mission impact and a commitment of service to Team Little Rock. Mayor Swaim has long been a staunch advocate for the men and women of Little Rock AFB.

He has been our link for 22 years between the civilian community and the military. This award was definitely well-deserved. It, too, was not an easy selection due to the outstanding support of our local communities and their fantastic leaders!

Looking ahead, February will be very busy. We have much to do to prepare for the upcoming Operational Readiness Inspection in April and not many days remaining for overall preparation. Everyone has a lot on their plate right now. That being said, there are still a few other things to keep on your radar.

The Deployed Family Dinner, hosted by our base chapel, is at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Thomas Community Activities Center. The dinner is free to all families of deployed personnel from across Little Rock AFB.

We encourage you to come spend some time with other families facing similar struggles that come with holding down the fort at home so our warfighters can focus on the mission.

The Valentine’s for Veterans program gives you another opportunity to honor America’s great warfighters. This program salutes hospitalized veterans in our local area. On Thursday, combat airlifters will be delivering Valentine’s Day wishes and Friday they’ll be delivering lunch. We encourage you all to support this outstanding program where mission allows.

These heroes have given much for their country; it’s our turn to give back and say a small “thank you.” Check this week’s Drop Zone or contact Capt. Anna Murray, our project officer, at 987-3358.

February also marks African-American/Black History month. Team Little Rock agencies will host events throughout the month. This is an opportunity to celebrate heritage and diversity while educating others on history and cultural values. Let’s celebrate the diversity we have here; without it, we would not be the absolutely amazing Air Force we are today.

On a much more somber note, people need to stop driving under the influence. There were three DWI arrests over Super Bowl weekend alone – this is unacceptable! It is like playing with a loaded gun; at some point, someone will be killed. Three DWI arrests are three too many. We also have had quite a few tragedies recently across Air Education and Training Command and, closer to home, here at “The Rock.” We have lost valuable members of Team Little Rock as well as family members. Some incidents were alcohol related; some were not. Safety is paramount. The absolute bottom-line: drinking alcohol and driving needs to stop. It needs to stop now. It will not be tolerated lightly. Also, watch out for others while out on the roads; they may not have safety at the top of their lists.

You’ve heard it before: we all need to have a plan, and a backup plan. Wrap your arms around each other and watch out for each other. The loss of one person impacts our lives and our mission significantly. You are very important to your families, your friends and your country. Take responsibility for yourselves and each other. We need to stand together, stand strong and help our team stay together and stay alive. Thank you all for your continued dedication to the mission and to your country!

Combat airlift!